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Laura has a terrible accident and looses all memory of the last year - Does she believe everything she is told by Oli? Does she believe some of the things she sees in her flash memories?


Alice - 26

Alice - 26

One of Laura's best friends, she tries her best to care for Laura after the accident, but there was a deep forgotten secret between them that forces them apart.

Laura - 23

Laura - 23

Laura is from London, 23 Years old, and can't remember the person she was after her accident. She is told she was deeply inlove with Oli, but as she finds out more information from her friends, she gets confused as to whether or not she should believe him, or her friends.

Mercedes - 22

Mercedes - 22

Alice's sister, who has a weak temper and acts viciously towards Laura, but Laura only remembers her as a sweet girl, and can't work out why she acts like this now.

Oli - 26

Oli - 26

Has tried to re-connect with Laura's memories by showing her photographs of the things they did together, trying to make her remember the person she once was. He loved her deeply, but now she has forgotten everything, he finds it hard to love the new person living inside his girlfriend.



More Chapters posted every other day :) Leave a comment, I'd love to get some feedback. I'm looking for some people to collab with on this, its a hefty story, with some great twists and turns along the way that you wouldn't of ever guessed! Let me know If you're interested, I need some great writers to help