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Too Weird to Live, Too Young to Die

Cigarette Daydreams

The judge sat in his "official" chair and jotted down notes the three-ish hours I was tattooing. In this short time, he hadn't spoke a single word. He just kept staring, and scribbling. I think he knew I was starting to cramp by the two hour mark. It was an intense period of the day. I started losing my confidence as the judge started signing papers on the counter. When I finished cleaning my area, I walked to the counter and waited.

It was time to see my results. He looked me over, then handed me paperwork. "I'm amazed. You have quite a talent for such a young person. I should expect it, though. This new generation is very creative. Congratulations," He smiled.

That's it, I passed. I am an official tattoo artist. I'm no longer an apprentice. He walked out the door and Charlotte watched out the window until he left. She ran to the back, and came back with a bottle. Popp! the champagne spilled over the the counter, and onto the floor.

"Awesome, I just mopped. I'll get the bucket ready. Drink up bitches!" John muttered, out of the room.

Charlotte hugged me, then handed me the bottle. "Take a swig betch, you're official now! What are you going to do next?"

"I'm going to Escalator Land!" I screamed, then gulped some of the crisp liquid.

The room was practically empty. All of the guys had left except for the artists, and Oliver, my canvas. We got to chat a little bit while I was working on him. That smooth neck of his was a piece of cake. Charlotte went to turn off lights, and clean up her station a bit. I was left in my own, by myself. I wished Josh were here to celebrate. Him and his friends were a little wild during the test.

I felt warm air on the back of my neck. "Congrats on becoming an artist. It really didn't hurt. Your hands moved around my neck very gracefully." Oliver just stared at me with his intense eyes, "I'm sorry I startled you love. I can't believe Josh isn't here for your big win."

"Yea, well, he's a little too out of it for my taste. Thank you for volunteering. I had fun working on you. I've never done a neck piece before," I said to him.

He kept gazing between my body and my eyes. I wonder what he's thinking.

He awkwardly looked down at the floor, then back up at me. He pulled something out of his pocket, "How much do I owe you love?"

I was puzzled, "Nothing hon, it's on the shop. You stepped up and saved me from another three months of apprenticing."

"Can I tip you at least?" He asked me. His voice was low and quiet. Did he not want to tip me?

"No, please. It's really not necessary. I do appreciate the offer," I smiled at him.

"How about a drink on me? We can drop your car off at your place, then drinks on me. We can invite the crew?" That was such a nice gesture, but I just wanted to be alone. I should be celebrating such an accomplishment. It felt wonderful to be great at something. But I had too much on mind right now. Oliver looked down at me with a concerned expression, "You look like you need to unwind. I promise no harm to come to you. It's just a friendly thanks for the rad ink."

I couldn't help but giggle at him. "I suppose three drinks couldn't hurt. Wanna follow me to my place? Unless Josh is at yours? I don't want anything too big tonight, just not feeling it." I pulled out my phone and started calling Josh. I was immediately sent to voicemail. I called again. Two rings, voicemail. I decided to try one more time, same thing. Why is he ignoring me?

"Josh isn't answering. Is it okay if you and me go out?" I pouted.

Oliver's strong jawline turned into a smile. That beautiful smile of his beamed at me and made my knees weak. "Of course. It will be nice to get to know you. I feel like I should anyway, you being a friend of Josh."

"Yes, a friend, sure?" I questioned it. "I'm out betches! I will see you when I come home later Charlotte!"

I grabbed my coat and purse and started to walk to the door. Oliver was right behind me, every step. We walked out the door and I immediately felt the cool air around me. I decided to actually put my coat on, instead of just carrying it. Oliver helped me slip it on. He hasn't been more than five feet away from me since he arrived at the shop.

"Thank you, greatly appreciated," I said while I started zipping up. I shivered slightly and Oliver put his arm around me.

We walked to the employee parking lot in the back. He pulled me in closer as the wind picked up. God he smelled so good. We arrived at the cars, parked right next to each other, and I unlocked my door.

"I hope you can keep up, I have a lead foot," I yelled to him and revved the engine.

He turned his car on, and Of Mice and Men started blasting from his window. "You're lucky I don't know the direction to your place. You would be eating my dust love."

"That's a lot of shit talk from a punk. Just try not to ride my ass," Oh the places my mind goes. Just a natural pervert all the time. I backed out of my spot and headed toward the road. Taking Back Sunday was playing through my speakers. I started to perk up as 'Cute Without the E' started playing.


Just a little filler. No worries dudes, it will pick up soon.

Stay radd my dudes


ahh i love this