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Too Weird to Live, Too Young to Die

In the end, It Doesn't Even Matter

I'm over this working bullshit. I just need to find a sugadaddy, I suppose. I'm finally closing up shop up after 10+ hours today. But what can I say? It keeps the bills paid. I do like my job, it has it perks. I seem to be untouchable here. They appreciate my work here at Sempiternal Images. I get my hours for my apprenticeship, and the owner is hot. My roommate and best friend Charlotte keeps me inspired.

Just out of high school I ran into her at Duke's, a local bar. I'm not much of a drinker myself, but my boyfriend wanted to celebrate. Josh had a successful band, just made his clothing line official. Josh is the lead singer of one of my favorite bands, You Me at Six. We met back in high school. He was dating one of my really good friends in 10th grade. The beginning of 10th was when I moved to Glasgow. The end of sophomore year was when his band took off. In the middle of senior year was when Josh contacted me. He was playing a show in the city and wanted to meet up.

We sat and talked after his concert, and immediately connected. We started sleeping with each other when he came around occasionally. I actually toured with him for a month in August of 2014. I was the band's official photographer the month I toured, and for nearby shows. Before he left to continue the tour we made it official.

Back to meeting Charlotte, I was in a slump. I'm usually just a loner anyway, a hermit if you will. I was in one of my famous depressions. I struggled with my writing and my art. The things that interested me, and kept me going, were no longer fulfilling me. I was in my first semester of college, couldn't keep my grades, and just no motivation. I started looking for another job. That's when I met Charlotte.

Josh had been messaging Charlotte my artwork and photography. Charlotte was extremely impressed and offered me the apprenticeship on the spot. Of course I thought she was kidding. At that point, she already had three Irish Car Bombs. It wasn't until the next morning when she called me, asking about my availability.

I was already working for a small store, part time. Balancing school, an apprenticeship and a part time was becoming difficult. However, I made a very easy decision. After the two semesters at college, both incomplete, I decided to drop it. I realized that this school wasn't for me. This was biggest reason for my slump. Charlotte needed more help around the shop, help she could pay me for. Plus my part time had me working enough to consider me full time.

Tattooing was never apart of my plan, nor would I have ever considered it. My main focus had always been my writing and photography. At this point, I have been at the shop for almost a year. The apprenticeship was almost complete, just needed my certifications.

Josh and I have been together for about a year and a half. I've been able to take time off to tour with him. My life was so absorbed in him and working, I felt like I lost part of my self. My writing had been lacking and my photos had lost their meaning.

Our relationship had been struggling from constant accusations of each other cheating, and my raging depression. It feels as if our time together has started to reach its expiration date. He seems to always excel and succeed. He's great, but this can't be it for me. We bring out the bitter parts of each other though.

It is currently January of 2016. Our newest apprentice is John. Him and I became so attached. He knows literally everything about me. He is wise for being a few years younger than me. He always reminds me of how I am getting better, and that I need to struggle to feel alive. Topics like these are hard to bring up with Char. I feel like she doesn't completely understand my feelings, or is just sick of me bitching. But I think one of the many reasons Josh and I are drifting, is because of John. He thinks we are just a little too close.

Aside from that, I think it's mainly because we live almost completely separate lives. I try to stay involved with his life. It's just a struggle. He just came back from touring in the US with Bring Me The Horizon. Apparently they've become very close. I still haven't met them, but the bands are always together. Josh just seems to be more interested in friends and his life than mine. He's even on a break from his goddamn band!!!!

It's seven o'clock, and my appointment is running late. This is apart of my certification, and the fucker is late! This could count against me. I have no idea who it is, I have no idea what I am doing. Josh and some others stumble through the door. Josh and a few in the group seem to be blasted. This is the worst possible time for this.

A scrawny guy around my age, little older, flops into my chair. I just cleaned this station!"Heyy! I-I mma lllill late! Stab meee with ssurmm needleds?"

"You are?" I hesitantly asked.

He spoke up, "I'm Lee, your seven o'clock!" He clicked his tongue.

I looked at Char for some help. She just shrugs. Thanks for the help babe. "I can't tattoo you today. You seem to be intoxicated. I'll rain check you another day, maybe another artist as well."

I looked towards the certified judge. He nodded yes, then started packing up.

"What about me? I'm completely sober. I'm the one who drove here, the designated driver." A tall man spoke up. He had shaggy dark brown hair, and was already covered in ink. I couldn't help look over his toned arms. Those eyes. The most beautiful honey eyes. They were piercing me like lightening as he stared me down.


So I do apologize, I'm writing this as practice. I want to write a novel at some point. So this is going to be long and probably drag. please critique me! I am a sensitive potato, try not to be too harsh.

Stay radd my dudes!


ahh i love this