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Summer Break

3rd Person Point of View, Omniscient

Artemis stares blankly at the message written on the board. Her eyes flicker to the clock on the wall above the board. 'Just one more minute and school is out. Well until next year,' She thinks.

'Artemis,' Astrid whispers in Artemis's mind. 'The teacher asked you a question.' Artemis sighs.

“Mr. Holland, why do you need to know what one of your students is doing over the summer? Especially since in 30 more seconds, I will no longer be one of your students and therefore, no longer any concern of yours. If you are asking this as a friend of my mother's, then I suggest you do it at a more appropriate time," Artemis drawls out, her dual colored eyes boring into his features. Mr. Holland looks shocked and uncomfortable for a few moments before clearing his throat.

“Atremis, is that—" He starts but is interrupted by the Bell ringing. Immediately, everyone gathers their things and rush out the door, leaving the teacher behind.

Lily, Selena, Matt, and Ethan wait for the twins by their car. "Do you guys want to come over later tonight?" Artemis asks as she unlocks the car. Lily and Ethan nod.

"Sorry, I'm spending the night at my boyfriend's house," Selena says, shaking her head.

"Oh Selena, don't have sex. We wouldn't be able to take another you, especially your poor sister," Astrid teases, making Selena pout.

"Sorry Arty, I'm busy too. I might be able to make it later on but I wouldn't count on it. I'll see you tomorrow though," Matt says. Artemis nods in understanding and everyone pills into the car.

"I don't want to go home so I can I sleep over?" Lily asks. Artemis nods.

"You can too Ethan, our mother loves you," Astrid says cheerfully.

"I know your birthday is a month away but here," Lily says, handing the twins an envelope. Artemis quirks a brow.

"What's this?" She asks. Opening the envelope, six slips of paper fall out into her hand. Astrid's eyes widen when she sees what they are.

"You got us Warped Tour tickets?!" Astrid shrieks, hugging Lily who laughs at her enthusiasm.

"Girls and Ethan, I'm going to bed so keep it down!" The twins' mother calls up.

"Goodnight Mom!" Artemis, Astrid, and Lily call out.


Just an introductory chapter, nothing major. I'll add more details and everything next chapter. Also, you'll find out what sort of magical/mythical creature everyone is later on in the story.
please excuse any mistakes you may find. It's a bit hard to write on a tablet.


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