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Okay so I know I haven't been on is sooo long but I'm back. Anyway, I got the urge to write a new story. For those of you who are like me ad love (or have at least seen) Supernatural, this story will take certain aspects of it. Hell, I might even just make it a crossover, I dunno.
Part of the Reason I haven't been on is because back in June, my laptop tried catching fire in my lap. Anyway, I'm using a tablet to write and apparently I'm having trouble getting images on this so I have to link them.


Twins Artemis and Astrid have their very own guardian angels. However, they don't know that. Nor do they know they are a part of a mystical world that is currently on the brink of a war. A centuries old armistice is on the brink of ending.

For whatever reason, something is after the twins. Their mission is to capture them dead or alive, though it is preferable that they are alive. Anything that gets in the way will be eliminated. What is so special about the twins to warrant this?

Artemis. Artemis is the older twin. Artemis is quiet until she gets to know you. She is a good judge of character. 17.
Astrid. Astrid is the younger twin. She is slightly more trusting than her older sibling but not by much. Like Astrid, she is quiet until she gets to know you. 17.
Lily, Artemis and Astrid's best friend since kindergarten. Younger than the twins by a day. 17.

Selena, Lily's younger half sister. Selena is younger than Lily by 5 months. 17.
Matt, 18. Childhood best friend of the twins due to the fact that their parents knew each other. Very protective of the twins, also very mischievous.
Ethan, 17. Has known the twins since 2nd grade when he moved into the house next to them. He's very friendly. Loves to joke and prank people but also knows when to be serious.
Oliver Sykes. 23.
Kellin Quinn, 22.


  1. Summer Break

    3rd Person Point of View, Omniscient


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