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While performing the last show of their tour Ricky catches a glimpse of a really beautiful girl by the name of Merideth Anri, and come to find out she idolizes Ricky and would do anything for him or so she says. Knowing this Ricky use this to learn some personal information about her to carry out his plan of kidnapping her. Would she really do anything for him is now the question.

Abuse and Rape will be apart of this story!


Chris Cerulli

Chris Cerulli

Ricky's best friend and the lead vocals for motionless in white. He helps Ricky with his kidnapping.

Merideth Anri

Merideth Anri

A 17 year old fan of motionless in white who idolizes Ricky and wishes she could be with him.

Ricky Horror

Ricky Horror

Lead guitarist of motionless in white and the kidnapper of Merideth.

Snow Claire

Snow Claire

17 and Merideth's best friend. She to idolizes Ricky.



@smol bean
Thank you for the criticism! I welcome ideas from anyone because everyone sees something different when they read it. I will make some changes when I do my next update! c:

PLEASE CONTINUE TO UPDATE AM SCREAMING. but I do have some slight criticism. I notice a lot of lip biting. you could acknowledge it by like "damn I do that a lot" or just cease the constant lip biting. also too much stuttering. every five seconds like I see some stuttering and not just "s-senpai yes" its like "O-OMG S-SOMEBODY H-HELP M-ME" sorry bb girl I don't want to seem mean but I do want to give you helpful criticism. I love the story and youre a great writer. just a bit repetitive. k love you pls update <3 :p

smol bean smol bean

Thank you

I'm liking this so far! It has a lot of potential! :D