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The Sound of Silence


Title is the song The Sound of Silence that was redone by Disturbed. I actually think they did a much better job than the original version. Also, I'm not sure if a crushed throat can be repaired but let's say it can just for the purpose of this story!
Also, I don't know much sign language beside how to say virgin, vegetable, and bitch. Sorry.
Oh, the main reason I decided to write this is because I noticed that so far, at least from what I've seen, no one has done something with people that have speaking or hearing disabilities besides one that I think I read on PTV fanfiction a long time ago. The only thing I remember about that fanfic was that I think she was adopted by Oliver Skyes. That or they were close friends. Which makes me want to read it again.
Also, I've known people who, while physically capable of speaking, refused to or were not ready to. However, I knew two of them (before they moved anyway), that were able to sing. Dear Jesus, were they amazing.


This is thoughts: 'What a bitch.'

Cosimia doesn't speak. She's classified as mute. She's tried speaking but she just can't. It's like her body isn't ready despite the fact that her vocal cords healed about a year and a half after the incident that took her voice away. However, when she's alone or with either her father or Aife, she does sing.

Cosimia has been mute since she witnessed the brutal murder-rape of her mother and the murder of her step-father when she was 7 years old. She's 17 now. She communicates through sign language and writing notes. For the first 18 or so months, she was physically unable to speak because the criminals had crushed her throat, damaging it, to keep her from screaming for help. She had to have surgery done to fix it. She plays the violin, piano, harp, saxophone, harmonica, and flute. She sings and draws. Cosimia inherited a mixture of her mother's green eyes and her father's blue eyes. She doesn't speak but she does sing for Aife, her father, and her stepmother. Singing calms her down.
Aife, 17. She is best friends with Cosimia. She was friends with Cosimia since they were two. She knows sign language and translates what Cosimia is saying for everyone. Aife was born with hearing damage but she still can talk normally. However, when alone with Cosimia, she uses ASL to speak. Aife plays the viola, cello, guitar, drums, and is learning how to play the piano from Cosimia. She sings and draws. Cosimia and her have to have all their classes together so Aife can translate anything Cosimia is saying for the teachers.
Jared, new transfer student. Age 17. Twin brother of Dean. Becomes good friends with Cosimia and Aife.
Dean , new transfer student. Age 17. Becomes good friends with Cosimia and Aife. Twin brother of Jared.
Ruby, Cosimia's stepmother, age 29. She loves Cosimia to death and would do anything for her. She actually listens to all of the music Cosimia does. She often goes to concerts with Aife and Cosimia. She has a few tattoos on her body but not many. A big time model and fashion designer.
Stephenia, Cosimia's birth mother. She married Cosimia's father when she was 17. Their marriage lasted five years before the two decided that they should see other people. She had Cosimia when she was 19. She died when she was 26 years old. She loved Cosimia's father greatly but was remarried when she was 24. She was a small time model.
Jensen, age .35. Cosimia's biological father. Loves her to death. He rides a motorcycle and gave her a Harley for her 16th birthday. He's a businessman that owns a music company. His company has contracts with bands like Shinedown, Issues, Ghost Town, and such to country bands and single artists. He promotes Aife and Cosimia as solo artists as well as a duo.
Damion, deceased. Died at age 27. Stepfather of Cosimia. Despite the fact that he wasn't her biological father, he loved her as if she were his own daughter. He owned a well known bar.
Andrew Dennis Biersack, age 20.
Jinxx, age 20.
Ashley Purdy, age 23.
Jake Pitts, 21.
CC, age 22.




Thank you so much hun. I might take you up on the offer.

If you need a shoulder to cry on im here ore an ear to just listen i have some free time on my hands

Yeah, hopefully. Sorry, it just seems that all I can do is make people, even my friends, pissed off at me lately and I don't know. I guess I've kind of shut down emotionally right now.

Of course i know what its like. Ive had some bad ones but hey maybe that means theres something good waiting for you. Ive spent my birthdays alone these past 2 years but it just makes you feel really grateful when you can be with others. You know. And im sorry i really hope things get better.

THANK YOU, YOU ARE SO KIND. I posted it today, I think. I mean, my birthday's the 17th of June. I believe I posted it at like 12:28 in the morning. I'm actually about to start writing the next chapter. It's cool. I actually needed someone to say something nice because my birthday has been so shitty so far.