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Adult life, Biscuits & The Fuentes Family As Told By Nelissa Brown


I’d hoped by the time I was twenty seven I would have my life together. But as things currently stand I am single, unemployed, secretly living in my parents basement and hiding in the hope that I will never bump into anyone who knew me back in my high school years. As well as doing my best to never accidentally end up in the same country as Mike Fuentes again.

The long awaited sequel to Senior Year, Biscuits & The Fuentes Family As Told By Nelissa Brown and my apparent return to this site. Check out my other stories too!


  1. Hiding, Weddings, I Haven't Slept With You & Fuentes

    "Why did they have to still all be best friends? Guaranteed my friends have stayed the same. But the three of them and Vic couldn’t have gone their separate ways, could they? No they’re probably making friendship bracelets as we speak and braiding each other’s hair. "


Update please??

I'm so excited oml