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Can You Feel My Heart: An Oli Sykes Fanfiction


Raven Fish is the famous Jordan Fish's brother. When he frantically calls her one Tuesday morning, he tells her that she must confront her past, (and also help with sound check.) But when the main crew member quits, she is forced to stay with them throughout all of Warped Tour, 2013. Things start to get better, when Oliver and her become close friends, but her past comes back to haunt her, secrets are revealed, and a murder occurs.


Jordan Fish

Jordan Fish

Brown hair, Bright blue orbs, tattoos, light beard.

Matt Kean

Matt Kean

Brown hair, blue orbs, no tattoos.

Matt Nicholls

Matt Nicholls

Brown hair, Blue orbs, tattoos, ear plugs.

Oliver Sykes

Oliver Sykes

Brown, shaggy and died hair, lip piercing, tattoos, brown orbs.

Raven Fish

Raven Fish

Dyed blue hair,(previously blonde,) blue orbs, three tattoos, nose peircing


  1. Swimming with the Fishes

    Raven is taking the first flight to her past in the U.K.

  2. Kid's Menu

    Raven finds life in the uk might not be so bad after all.

  3. Fangirls

    (This is very short I was just in a rush and ready to update)


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