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these past years.


angelica finally got tracked down by her brother chris where she attacked him, a few years on she's been missing but now that shes back what will happen?
will she regain contact with oliver or is she too damaged?

sequel to don't hope to ever find me.

if you haven't read the first story then here is a brief summary:

angelica meet up with oliver after she finally runs away from home where she was abused sexually, verbally and physically.
soon gets incolved with sex drugs and misery.
chris finally tracks her down and plans to bring her home but angelica stabs him before he can get her.

so, happy reading:)


alex turner

alex turner

angelica's best friend, ex drug addict.

angelica cook.

angelica cook.

been missing for 2 years, but now shes back, main character.

catarina jassobel. NICKNAME: KITTY

catarina jassobel. NICKNAME: KITTY

olivers new girlfriend, is pure and friendly, hurt easily.

chris cook

chris cook

angelicas older brother, has been waiting for angels return.

oliver sykes.

oliver sykes.

used to be close with angelica, hasnt heard from her since she went missing.


  1. my cold return;

  2. ive missed you.

  3. maybe i do love you.

  4. chapter 4.

    couldnt think of a suitable chapter name haha. PRETTY MUCH EVERYONES POV ON HERE :]

  5. its like im sleepwalking.

  6. peacefulness

  7. take me in.


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