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Not Gonna Die


Originally, I had planned to break this up into two stories; however, I have decided to combine them. Sequel (And Prequel to the Sequel combined) to Run Away Before It's Too Late. In the beginning, it doesn't pick up where RABITL (yes, I abbreviated it because I'm lazy) left off. In the beginning, or at least the first few chapters, what happened to Kat in those two years will be described vividly. Then maybe I'll alternate between 2 years ago and present. I dunno.

There's only so much a person can take before he or she gives up. Surrenders. There's only so much that can happen to a person before he or she breaks. Shatters. Or are there exceptions to this? Is that even possible?

Pain; agony. They can be very persuasive. They often lead to feelings of helplessness and desperation. Once the seeds of them, just the seeds, are sown, it's game over. You're broken and become nothing more than a vacant husk of your true self. Once that happens, it's next to impossible to regain your former self. Few have succeeded in doing so. None have ever truly regained everything they were before.

Young Kathandria has been put through so much more than anyone else has ever. Yet, she remained herself. In a sense. Sure, she changed. But she never lost who she was originally. To protect who she was before, she locked her true self away deep within her heart, guarding her vigilantly.

This time, however, is unlike anything she had prepared herself for. So much agony, torture, deception, and worse. Too much for anyone. She can actually feel it. Her resolve and spirit are both so strong. What were/was once before believed to be impenetrable, unbreakable, truly so? Or will they all break before fading completely away as if they were nothing more than a figment of someone's fucked up imagination? How can they?

Will Kathandria become like all the others before her? Will the Kat we love cease to exist? Or will she stay strong and not break; if not for the ones she love, then just to spite those who hold her captive? But how can she? Especially since they are well-versed in the art of destroying people? Can Kat prevail despite the odds? Can Kat do what she did before; can she preserve herself by burying it deep within and change? Is that even possible for her anymore?

WARNING: There will be torture, bullying, (possible) rape, self harm, betrayal, and such for sure. May have murder, kidnapping, etc.


  1. Come Home

    Oli's POV


Hey, so I just finished your First Story and followed up with this. Mind you its 1:41 am and my family is sleeping, and keeping my fangirling spasms quiet is impossible. BUT OML YOU NEED NEED NEED TO UPDATE I SWEAR THIS IS SO GOOD. IT IS FANGIRL HEAVEN :) From a obsessed band fangirl

I will as soon as I can


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