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I stayed in the kitchen facing the window above the kitchen , I was looking at the large Castanea Sativa tree and zoned out a bit. I didn’t want to go out yet, I felt if I did Serena might cry by just the sight of me.
I was taken out of my thoughts when someone cleared their throat.
I looked over and froze as I saw Lucy swirling a hazel colored drink in her hand. She was leaning against the counter next to me. I was so amazed by her beauty I couldn’t even talk.
“You really are into staring, do you even talk?” She was now looking at me in the eyes with a grin on her face.
“Yeah I can talk, I’m Ricky,” I moved so my body was now facing her and held my hand out. She downed her amber drink and winced a bit, she put her glass down and hugged me instead. I was shocked to say the least, but I hugged her back putting my arms around her waist. She smelled like lavender. It was relaxing, exactly what I need right now.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Lucy” She pulled away from the hug and went to get some Whiskey from the top of the fridge. She jump and made it fall before catching it in her hands.
“I saw the little show the princess made.’’ She said as pouring herself a drink.
“I knew that little whore didn’t love Jae, I honestly thought she wasn’t capable of love.” She was sitting on the island now with the bottle of fireball next to her. I rolled my eyes
“She’s not a whore, and I don’t like her like that.”
“Why?” She was now drinking straight from the bottle.
“Because I’ve known her for four years and she's like little sister to me” I stated simply.
“Why don’t you like her?” I took the bottle of whiskey as I saw her chugging it. She looked real pissed but took a few deep breaths and closed her eyes.
“Because she is ungrateful, rude and always seems to get an attitude with me and Jae, hence why I have to get drunk. I won’t knock the fuck out of her if i’m relaxed and unaware.” I took the bottle and put it on the highest shelf in the house, I climbed on the counter to put it up there, Silvano was the only one who could reach it with ease.
“Hm, She can be rude sometimes.” I got off the counter and stayed facing the the cupboard. When I turned Around Lucy was extremely close to me. I could feel her breath on my lips.
“What are you doing?” I wanted to kiss her so bad but I just met her and I wouldn’t know if she wants it.
“Something we both want.’’ She slowly closed the space between our lips and rested her lips close to mine, brushing them across mine slightly. She then stepped back and had a smirk on her lips.
“Great talking to you Rick, I hope to see more of you.’’ She walked out swaying her hips making her ass look even better, If that was even possible.
I walked into the main room to find that everyone was now in the dinning room. Jae and Serena are sitting next to each other, Zita and Silvano are sitting at the end of the table. I had to sit next to Lucy.
"Sorry, I was in the kitchen trying to find the fireball." I took a seat and served myself some Insalata Caprese.
The table was filled with light conversation, mostly directed to Lucy and Jae.
There was a point where I felt Lucy's hand on my thigh slowly moving up so that her hand rested on my dick.
She started caressing it and I had to hold back moans and grunts of pleasure. She stopped when Jae asked for everyones attention.

He stood up and asked Serena to stand up with him. He got down on one knee and held on to her left hand.
"Serena when I first laid eyes on you, I knew I had to have you. We've only advanced as friends, but you make me happy and every time I think of you I get butterflies in my stomach and smile no matter what situation I'm in or what I was feeling before." Serena covered her mouth and started shedding tears. Damn was she a good actress.
"Will you marry me Serena?" He held the box open to reveal a beautiful green diamond.
Serena seemed to be crying harder now and was nodding frantically.
Jae put the ring on, he picked her up and started kissing her.
We all clapped and started to congratulate them.
Serena looked at me and frowned.

The rest of the night went well until Lucy decided to confront Serena about why she keeps looking at her.
"Do I have something on my face bitch, why the fuck you keep looking at me?" She was getting angrier by the moment.
Serena stayed quiet but Jae spoke up.
"Woah, Lucy calm down nobody's looking at you in a wrong way.''
At this point I was glad Zita and Silvano were in the kitchen getting more champagne and the tiramisu.
"No, I want to know why she's looking at me like that.'' She looked like she was about to jump over the table and attack her.
"LUCY" Jae scream and slammed his hand on the table.
I got up an grabbed Lucy's upper arm and took her outside and slammed the front door.
"What was that about Lu-" Lucy cut me off by kissing me roughly.
I broke the kiss, I grabbed her behind her knees and lifted her so my erection was now rubbing on her Cooch. The kiss was getting deeper and Lucy was pulling at my hair now.
"Lucy I'm sor-" Serena came out and Lucy and I separated from each other breathing heavily.


Hi Hi,

Well, shit is getting crazy with Lucy being there.


Innocent for now? 0.o hmmmmmm

Thank you very much, I'll try to update everyday

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this :3