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“Zita, when does the Jae and Lucy come for dinner?” I asked kind of In a hurry.
She glanced at the clock above the sink. “They’ll be here somewhere around 6 PM.”
“Thank you Zita” I screamed as I ran out the house.

I went to looking for Serena around the farm but All I found was Silvano stacking wood. I asked Silvano where she is and he said she wasn’t out there And went inside ages ago. I went inside trying to avoid Zita from seeing me so she won’t get suspicious on whether or not Serena and I are in a relationship. I tiptoed my way to Serena’s room and knocked softly.
“Serena, you in there?’’ I whispered through the door.
I heard some shuffling behind the door before she cracked it open. “What do you want.” She said rolling her eyes, her hair still wet
“You’re not still mad at me are ya.” I asked with concern laced into my voice.
“That isn’t the reason you came to talk to me what do you want.” She said this time opening the door all the way and stood back to let me in. She was wearing a loose shirt and shorts that came up to her knees. Her room was really warm, there was a small portable heater by her bed and a dress laid out on her bed. It was grey and had long sleeves. The dress was a low v-neck, it was tight from the breast up and flowed down like a skirt.
“You’re right, I didn’t come here to talk about that. You don’t like Jae right?’’ I asked as I sat down next to the dress
“What does it matter to you.” She said in mumble whilst looking down at the floor from the the corner of the room. I was starting to get frustrated.
“Because he plans on proposing to you when he comes with Lucy.” I looked into her eyes, she would look into my eyes before looking away focusing on something else in the room.
“I know,” she said, this time actually looking at me in the eyes.
“What? Are you going to say yes?” I was standing up now.
“Yes, I am. He has money and can help my family with financial issues. Now I have to get ready before they come.” She said grabbing my wrist and dragging me towards the door, pushing me out of her room slamming the door shut in my face.
I was dumbfounded but I can’t do anything about it, I just wish she wouldn’t get married because of her parents, she should get married with whoever she wants. Poor or rich. She deserves to love and be loved.
I said bye to Zita and Silvano, I was coming back for dinner but right now I smelt like dirty pond water and spoiled milk.
I walked to my flat and headed straight for the shower. After I got washed up, I headed for the wardrobe and picked out a white dress shirt and a some black jeans with blackout vans. I left, locked and left my flat. On my way to the ranch I saw the field of Daffodils I usually pass everyday. I Picked some of the best within the field and fixed them to make them look presentable.
I kept walking and my mind wandered to the girl in the market today, she was probably just a tourist. I sighed as I reached the door to the house and stood there for a few seconds before entering. I didn’t have to knock anymore, this is like my second home.
I walked into the kitchen to put the flowers in a vase, I walked to the main room and introduced myself.
Before I could speak Silvano stood up and pulled me into a side hug and introduced me. “This is Ricky, he works in the farm with Serena.” I smiled and waved. I was looking around the room and locked eyes with a pair of hazel ones. It was the girl from the market, that must be Lucy.
“Thank you for these Rick.” Zita kissed me on both cheeks before taking the flowers to Serena.
I was staring at Lucy once again, she stared right back not being intimidated or shy. She glanced at Serena and I did to. She was death glaring Serena, maybe a confrontation happened while I wasn’t here.
“Ricky?” I heard someone say . Jae was in front of me trying to shake my hand to introduce himself.
“Oh, i’m sorry. I’m Ricky, great to meet you.” I smiled trying to keep my eyes on him and pay attention to whatever he said. I think he asked me where I was from.
“Excuse me what?”
“How long have you worked on the farm?” He said chuckling a bit
“Four years now, I moved here from Scranton, Pennsylvania.”
“Why’d you move here, I’d expect if anyone were to move to the U.K, it would be somewhere less excluded from society.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Serena walk into the kitchen.
“I don’t like crowds and traffic, will you please excuse me” I walked into the kitchen and saw Serena struggling to take a vase out of the cupboard. She would usually climb on the counter but she was wearing a dress. I picked her up by the waist and moved her to the side before grabbing the vase she needed and setting it on the counter in front of her.
She looked pissed.
“I didn’t need your help.” She was fixing the flowers roughly.
“ What’s got you so pissed now.You’re so small I wonder where all the anger comes from?” She isn’t mad at me much but when she is, a hug would usually get her out her feelings.
“I’m pissed because you keep undressing Lucy with your eyes.” She stopped ‘fixing’ the flowers and looked at me a bit teary eyed.
“Why are you gonna cry? C’mon don’t do that.” I hugged her and she started crying. I felt bad, I don’t want her to cry. Especially now.
“Because I love you Rick, You’re too oblivious to see that.” She didn’t look up at me and kept crying. All I did was hold her. I couldn’t freak out on her and tell her I didn’t like her like that, I had to be gentle.
I had a lot running through my mind right now. How will I say it to her? What if i don’t tell her and lie, then we could run away together and start a new life back in Scranton, nah I can’t do that. That’s would be really hypocritical of me.
“Dry your tears and go back into the main room, we’ll talk about it later ok?” I held her at arm length. She nodded and sniffled a bit. I stopped a falling tear with my thumb and she smiled.
“Ok, I love sweetheart.” I said after kissing her on her forehead.
She walked out drying her eyes and making it look like she wasn’t crying.



Poor Serena so innocent, for now. I sure hope this is interesting, I had my chola ass sister read it and she said it wasn't interesting at all and that it didn't capture her attention. But who gives a shit about her opinion, I do care about yours though so feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for reading, have a good day/evening/night


Innocent for now? 0.o hmmmmmm

Thank you very much, I'll try to update everyday

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this :3