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What do you do when the only person you've ever loved is the one who right you what heart break felt like?

Lacie Rose used to be someone, she was popular in school everyone wanted to be her.
Oliver are her were the schools power couple everyone loved them, she loved them. He made her feel wanted a feeling Lacie had never experienced. But she let him in to far she showed him she wasn't so perfect. That was the day he stopped calling her

It's been 4 years since then Lacie being 20 and Oli being 21 not really sure if she's completely over him of course she still loves him he was her first everything. Now she doesn't know how to hold down a relationship. Her coffee shop job only just pays the bills. It's hard scraping by but nothing Lacie rose wasn't used to.

Oliver has moved on from school and far on having a new girlfriend and a band that is quick becoming the best British band around. Lacie was a thing of the past a very distant path he hardly remembered her name. At least that's what he made out. Of course he remembered her he remembers how cruel he was to leave her. He regrets it to this day. She was better off without him.

What happens when these two paths cross over again?

I don't own the band.

Story could be triggering I will always try to make it clear where these chapters are.




Lacie Rose

Lacie Rose

Oliver Sykes

Oliver Sykes


  1. So Far Gone My Mind Is Racing.

    Title credit : Neck Deep.

  2. There's Something I'm Keeping That's Lost All Its Meaning

    Title Credit : Fort Hope

  3. Liquor&Love Lost

    Title Credit : Bring Me The Horzion

  4. I Swear I'll Never Let You Down Again

    Title Credit : The Wonder Years

  5. It Fell Apart Right From The Start

    Title Credit : Bring me the horizon

  6. I Love The Things You Hate About Yourself

    Title Credit : Panic! At The Disco

  7. We've Done Things Wrong Before.

    Title Credit : Fort Hope

  8. The Funny Thing Is All I Ever Wanted I Already Had. Pt 1

    Title Credit - Bring Me The Horizon

  9. The Funny Thing Is All I Ever Wanted I Already Had. Pt 2

    Title Credit : Bring Me The Horizon


Lol well I'm glad he's okay.

Ik it was too good to hope they started getting close. They gave things to work out and she doesn't trust him. But I hope they can be happy eventually, or at least not let this drag them down

Not sure how it happened but the chapter messed up, trying to rush it cause I had to leave work

xokateehxo xokateehxo

Wait what? He got dragged into the house? Um okay what's going on here! He better not be hurt, they're finally making progress

It's cool how they're both struggling with these unresolved feelings but don't realize it. I also like that you didn't just push them back together just because they actually had a decent conversation for once. I wonder what happened for him not to show up. This should be good.

I know how I want it. Also the things that are going to happen I just don't want it to be a generic story were everything works out because that's not how life works! I want it I be a story of how life really is not just how everyone thinks it is.

You know what I meant?
If anytime of that seemed rude it's not supposed to be just stressed arm xxx