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The Coco Quinn Guide


Just when I thought life couldn't get much worse Mike Fuentes and his sidekick locked me in a cupboard.

Hello my friends. I officially left you all a few months ago. But here is one of my pre writtens, that I discovered when I was looking through all my files. It's slightly Nel and Zee-ish so I thought you may enjoy it. I hope you like my silly humour and comment to let me know, it makes me feel good about myself. Does this mean writeislife is back? Come to your own assumptions on that.


Coco Quinn

Coco Quinn


  1. Chocolate, Tricks and Cupboard Love

    "I can't go to jail. It would kill my mother. She’d cry, damn it she’d cry. There would be tears everywhere and we’d need to build an ark. I can’t find two of every animal!”

  2. Cleaning, Skiing and Sleeping Mike

    ​​​​​"Thank you for that interesting insight into your life. When’s the book coming out? The useless and ridiculous tales of Coco Quinn?”​​

  3. Asks, Stalking and OCD

    “If I was Katelynne where would I be? Up my own ass probably.”

  4. Asks, Stalking and OCD

    “If I was Katelynne where would I be? Up my own ass probably.”



Kind of, haha. You have something really special when it comes to writing, I guess. Auw, thanks, you're really cool.

Yay! And yes your titles are very recognizable to spot!


Thank you my friend!


Haha thank you! Am I that easy to spot? Will be updating soon. You're super sweet.

As I told you once, just with reading the description I knew this was your creation.
Update soon please, I already love it ♡

I very much missed you!!! You're like one of my favorite writers!!! Ily and yay!