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Goodbye Agony

Run In

I check my phone after it vibrates. A smirk crosses my features as I see it's a text message from Chris.

Chris: Well damn. I don't know who that girl is but I like her. Ash finally got his ass handed to him.

Me: I know! It was so funny. Now everyone is giving her one wide ass berth. Buddy, let me tell you, she's one badass chick.

Chris: You need to introduce her to me.

Me: Well, you would have met her if you could have come today.

Chris: Oliver, you know the band and I had shit to do.

Me: Yeah, sitting on your asses all day, watching TV.

Chris: Shut up.

Me: Seriously though, you should have come. It's amazing here and it's so worth it. If you want to come, I think there's still a week before they pick up and leave. I'll ask Aleina though. She should know.

Chris: Okay. Tell me when you find out. Oh and if there is a week left, I'll see what I an do. Bye.

Me: Bye.

I laugh my ass off as I see the text messages from the other people I sent it to. I reply to them, telling them what I was thinking of as I glance in Aleina's direction. Hope she's game.


I hear Oliver tapping away on his phone, wonder what he's doing. A shiver went through my body. Damn, I have a feeling he's up to something...and that it involves me. A smirk ghosts over my face before I squash the urge. 'If it ivolves me tormenting Purdy, then I'm most definitely game. If not, he can fuck off.' I think as I walk.

"AH!" I exclaim as does the person I ran into as she falls backwards and I fall on top of her. At the last second I jerk her out of the way and land on my face and she somewhat lands on my back. "Fuck, now my nose is full of dirt." I complain into the ground. The girl I ran into giggles.

"Are you okay?" She asks. My ears perk up.

"Andriea?" I ask as I peel my face from the ground.

"Yes? Aleina?!" She squeals .

"In the flesh babydoll." I say as we hug. She tries to squeeze the shit out of me; I smile and let it go because I know she's just excited.

"I haven't seen you since you moved to another parish! I've missed you so much! Do you still have your bestie necklace I gave you?" She asks as she shows me hers around her ankle. I laugh.

"Now that's weird."

"What is?" She asks me.

"The fact that you where yours around your ankle as well." I say as I pull my acid washed jeans up slightly to show her my ankle.

"I guess what they say about great minds thinking alike is true." She says.

"Totally. Hey Blade," I say and wave shyly. I know Blade doesn't really like me; she tolerates me at best. However, I like her. She's just so sweet and protective of her sister. She waves back at me. I help Andriea stand up. I look at her outfit and Blade's outfit. I pout playfully.

"Hey, no fair! You two look better than I do," I say as I hug Andriea.

"We cannot help it if we always look better and more glamorous than you," Andriea replies as she gets that I'm playing.

"Aaaannnnnnnnddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii stop! You're so mean!" I pout and turn my back to her.

"Oh Aleina I'm so sorry! I didn't mean--" She says as she places her hand on my shoulder.

"Gotcha!" I chuckle. "Silly, we haven't seen each other for so long that you no longer know anything about me!" I gasp as I clutch at my heart. "Oh woes me! That hurts, it really does! Now I die of a broken heart!"

"Staph Aleina. I'm sorry okay?" She says as she hugs me. I laugh before accepting her hug.

"I accept. Now, c'mon let's go to the dungeon." My eyes light up. She grins in return.

"Yeah. Matter of fact, that'd where we were headed."

"Then it's settled and Purdy, think of saying anything. I dare you." I say as I turn to glare at him. He visibly shrinks in on himself.

"Ha! You even have Ashley Purdy whipped! That's so funn--" Her eyes widen. "WHAT THE ABSOLUTE SHITFUCK?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THE ASHLEY MOTHER FUCKING PURDY! ALEINA WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME HE WAS FOLLOWING YOU?!?!?!" Andi shrieks in myg ear. I flinch slightly and cup my ear.

"First things first, calm your damn titties; you just screamed in my ear. Second, he's not the only stray I picked up. Look behind him." She does and begins shrieking again. "God can you stop fangirling, it's hurting my ears. And before you say shit, I am not lucky. He won't leave me alone!" I bemoan.

"Girl please. You are lucky; you always were." I stick my tongue out at her. She returns the favor and gets up in my face. I do the same until our foreheads are touching and we're trying to overpower the other. Ronnie clears his throat.

"Um girls, as much as I love seeing two girls fight in front of me, don't you think we should get going?" He asks, discomfort clear in his voice.

"Damn! You even have Ronnie whipped! You sure as hell do work fast!"

"What can I say? My face and everything about me just naturally scares the shit out of people," I reply nonchalantly. My eyes glint as I turn with a smirk to Oli. He gulps. I snap at him and motion for him to come here. "Hey Oli, show her the video. I know she's dying to know what happened." Oli visibly relaxes.

"Yeah sure no problem." He says as he pulls out his phone. He get the video up and hands Andriea his phone. She plays the video.

"I bet you thought I was going to cut your manhood off or something, huh?" I ask Oli as Andi busts out laughing.

"Yeah, little bit," He replies. I nod.

"Oh my fuckery, now Aleina, that was some good shit there. However, what lead up to it?" Andriea asks as she wipes tears from her eyes. I smile as I catch her and Blade up to speed while we all walk to the dungeon.


Sorry if the verb tense switches from present to past, vice versa, and such. That happens to me sometimes when I'm writing and I don't pay attention. Same thing for spelling, grammar, and usage. Let me know if you see any major errors that distract you from reading please. Thank you.

So, does anyone ship anyone yet? AndiXAndy, AndiXAsh, AleinaXAndy, etc.? I showed this chapter and some future ones to my friend and her ships killed me.

Okay, I keep trying to center stuff (i.e. anything starting in bold) but it's not letting me so let's just pretend that it is centered mkay?

~Love y'all


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