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Goodbye Agony

Apologies Are In Order

I walk back towards where Jewel and I had our big argument. I can hear Purdy telling the rest of BVB, PTV, FIR, and BMTH what went down. I mentally snort as I feel their collective gazes on me. I turn my head slightly and stare impassively back at them. They all quickly look away and act as if they weren't just staring holes into the back of my head. Idiots. Somewhere along the way, the others joined us. I don't know why but they did.

I sigh. Maybe I shouldn't have said those things but she shouldn't have said that shit either. Like seriously, she actually thought that I would withhold something like that from her? Really fucking stupid thought process right there if you ask me. I barely manage to hold in a surprised hiss of pain when I feel my back open again. Damn. Good thing I'm wearing a sweater, black T shirt that says "You and your opinions are insignificant", and a red cami underneath. I'll have to check later.

We reach the spot and I see Jewel crying. I feel slightly bad but not really at the same time. I walk over and stop right in front of her. She looks up at me, tearful green-blue eyes and with her red hair stuck to her face. "Y-yes?" She asks timidly.

"Look I'm sorry I said those things but they do seem to be true; however, you shouldn't have said what you said either though. Shall we call a truce to our bitchiness?" I say neutrally.

"Damn, she's really emotionless isn't she?" I hear one of the guys ask. I curb my smile and settle for flipping them off behind my back.

"S-sure. I am r-really so-sorry for what I said Aleina," Jewel replies shakily. I sigh.

"Let bygones be bygones." I answer. "But if you ever pulla stunt like that again, I will ruin you, okay? We both know that we're not popular and all but I do have a lot of friends, popular, ones in special ed, athletics, nerds, geeks, seniors, juniors, freshmen, sophmores, you name it, I have some so I can make this brutal. We both know this isn't me being a bitch; this is me being straight up front with you. Though I won't bad mouth you or start rumors, I will make sure that your friend pool gets smaller, especially the people that don't really like you but are still friends with ou. Am I understood?" Malice clear in my voice as I speak to her. She trembles as she nods. I turn to Morgan. "The same goes for you honeyboo." She gulps, her brown eyes wide. I smile as I turn back to the two. "So friends?" They both nod and shake my hands. "Good, now we're all one happy fucking family, ne?" Silence. "It was a joke. I mean I know I'm always deapan but still. Y'all should know me by now." With that I turn back to Purdy and the rest.

"See, I told you she would make a great business woman." Ashley whispers to Ronnie and Oli.

"She would rule the world." Oli replies as he glances back at me. Ashley nods.

"I know."

"If that ever happens, I'm going underground." Ronnie replies and everyone nods in agreement. My eyeborw ticks and I walk silently up behind them. I clap Ronnie and Oli on the back and smile at them.

"You think you could run from me? Oh, that's adorable. All I need to do is either place bombs underground or pour a shit ton of acid in the ground. The acid will seep down, poison the water, and kill you. You really should think things through love before announcing a plan. Especially since I'm in the vicintity and can hear you, mkay?" I say sickly sweet. Ronnie pales and looks like he's about to faint as everyone else gives me a wide berth. "Ah fear and terror. Gotta love that shit. Best drugs there are out there." With that I turn around and walk away. I feel Purdy staring into my back.
"Since when have you done drugs young lady? And just what did you do?" He thinks he can act all fatherly with me? Ha bitch, no. I'm not your child unless the DNA test says otherwise.

"First things first," I say as I turn around. I see Oli with his phone out and recording this. I smirk internally. This will be good. "Don't display this "Holier Than Thou" god damn attitude. I will tell you the same shit as what I tell religious bitchs. One, get off your damn high horse and get laid. Two, shut the fuck up. Three, if you think you tell me what to do, you have another thing coming to you. What you ay to me is like a dick, you try putting it anywhere near me and I will fucking bite or cut that bitch off, whatever happens first. Also, don't act like you haven't done fucking drugs, bitch I know you have. It's in the whole way you stand it says, "I'm not proud of what I've done so I'll bury it in the past" the second you mentioned drugs so get the fuck, kay? And for your information, you little dipshit, I haven't touch any drugs unlike you." With that I turn on my heel and walk away, fuming.

*Oli*I stop recording when she walks away. Well, damn. Girl's a little spitfire. I grin to myself. I like her. I'm so sending this to Chris and the others. Hell, I'm going to post this on youtube. I text this to Chris. Wonder what he'll say. And I'll think I send this to them as well. God knows they'd love to see Ashley be put in his place.


Hey, for my readers on the other sites, yes I left a chapter out of this on this site. I just felt like it would be too confusing but I'm too lazy to edit it right now or even delete it. I think it has some potential with me editing it but I'm just not feeling it right now honestly.

Oh and my sister and I made a deal today. One part was that if I watched some K Pop then she would have to watch anime with me. I'm so going to enjoy that.

So, who do you think it is that he's sending this to? What do you think is going to happen?
I'd love to know and have reviews from you guys, telling me what you think.

~Love y'all


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