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Goodbye Agony

Burn My Lungs and Curse My Eyes

Burn My Lungs and Curse My Eyes
I sat there, shocked at what Ashley had told me. But there's no way that that baby is me. Just no way. I'm not that lucky. I look up and see Ashley trying not to cry but failing horribly at it. At least he isn't shaking. I stand up and walk over to Ashley. I wrap my arms around him in a hug, trying to comfort him. He buries his face into my neck as he breaks down. I awkwardly pat his back as he sobs into me.
Andy and the rest of Black Veil Brides arrive. I exhale in relief. I send Andy a pleading look. He has a sad, remorseful expression on his face. He rushes over as he softly shakes his head. "I'm so sorry." He whispers to me as he tries to get Ashley to turn to him. Ashley grunts and grips onto me tighter. I smile softly as I chuckle at him.
"It's fine Mr. Biersack. I can handle this now," I say softly. Andy looks at me strangely. I sweep my arms underneath his legs and pick him up. Andy, Jinxx, CC, Vic, and Ronnie gawk at me. I merely quirk an eyebrow. I sit down and lean against the tree. I rock him in my arms. He lifts his head up and looks at me with shame in his eyes. I smile softly at him and pat his back. "It's okay to be upset Ashley. Especially since your fiancée died. I can tell you loved her just by the way you are mourning her." I whisper to him softly. He looks up at me hopefully.
"Really? I did….I truly did. She was the best part of me….and I let her die." He whispers the last part with shame and hate directed towards himself. I grab his face and force him to look into my eyes.
"Hey! Don't think like that! And don't say that again! It wasn't your fault. How could you have possibly ever known that that was going to happen?" I ask him seriously.
"I…I…" Ashley stutters.
"Exactly. You couldn't have known. So you can't blame yourself for something that wasn't even remotely your fault, okay hun?" I say sternly as I squeeze his cheeks. He blushes and drops his eyes as he nods. I smile and pat his back. I let go of his face. He surprises me with a big hug.
"Ashley! ASH—HEY! ASHLEY! ASHLEY YOU PRICK! LET ME DOWN RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" I scream as I pound on his back. He scares the living shit out of me when he stands up because I lurch. I bite down hard on my lip, almost chomping down on my double snakebites. Which, believe me, that shit hurts like a bitch.
"Nope." Ashley says smugly as he pats my back. I snarl silently and do a somersault to get down. I glare at him.
"Asshole." I turn around and jump into the tree. I scale it like it's a part of me and grab my stuff. I backflip from the top of the tree just to give Ashley a heart attack. He pissed me off when he did that so I'm so going to give him Hell for it.
I smirk and snicker when I hear Ashley gasp. As I land, I see Ashley pass out. I die of laughter then. Now that, that's rich! I clutch at my sides as I die of laughter. I see Morgan and Jewel gaping at me because I rarely ever laugh and nothing ever like this. I just smirk. The others looks at me.
"Deal with it. I mean, the bastard deserved it after all." I say as I shrug. I pale slightly as I realize that my sweatshirt and shirt are lifted up slightly. Shit! I quickly tug them down, hoping they didn't see any of the bruises, cuts, wounds, etc. that came from my family and myself.
I smile at them and chuckle nervously. I kneel down and check Ashley over. I sigh and pull out a freezing cold bottle of water. I unscrew the cap and dump it all on Ashley's face. He jolts up sputtering and looking around like a crazy person. Hm… that would explain a lot. I eye Ashley warily and tiptoe away from him. No need to be by him if he's insane. You know?
Andy and the others are laughing their asses off. It's so easy to amuse them. Odd. They're amused by the smallest of things. Ashley pops up and tackles me. He tries to tickle me but I punch him before he can even blink. And he's out again. I think I'll let him wake up on his own this time. I push him off of me and stand by Vic and Ronnie. I don't think they're crazy like the other ones. Well, at least not as much as the others. I hide behind Ronnie.
"What the fuck was that? Why was he trying to tickle me?" I ask suspiciously. Ronnie chuckles as does Vic.
"He's just messing with you. That's Ashley's way of showing affection." Ronnie and Vic answer together.
"Huh. Interesting."
"What's interesting?"
"The fact that I show affection the same way. It's also how I show I despise someone so good luck figuring out which one it is mother fuckers." I say smiling. Their jaws drop as they gawk at me.
"You know, you're a lot like Ashley." Vic manages to say after he shuts his mouth. I quirk an eyebrow and look at them questioningly.
"Is that a compliment or an insult?" I ask with a slight edge to my voice. They gulp and raise their hands in the air in defense. I snort and roll my eyes. Like that ever helped anyone.
"It's a-a compliment," They stutter out. I chuckle and smile.
"Good." I say as I grab them and give them each a noogie. What? Yes, while I may be 17, I do still act like a kid sometimes. Hate me or love me, does it look like I give a fuck?
"Hey! Come on Aliena! Stop please! MERCY!" I smile and release them when they scream out mercy.
"There, now that wasn't so hard now was it?" I ask, taunting them.
"Does this mean that you like us?" They ask, slightly scared. I smile.
"Like I said before, figure it out for yourself." I say and turn around. I walk away leaving them dumbfounded. Jackasses. I smile. They're so stupid but also oh so funny. I walk over to Andy and the others. I nudge Ashley and he moans. He rolls over and gets up.
"What the fuck hit me? I fucking feel like I got ran over by a freight train and my face is throbbing. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Ashley asks. I chuckle and step up.
"The reason you feel that way and why your face is throbbing is me. I punched the fuck out of you because you tackled me out of fucking nowhere. Don't do that and you might live." I say casually over my shoulder.


Author's Note: Hello my lovelies. Okay so while I'm writing this in AP Human Geography, (shhhh, don't tell no one. You didn't hear nuthin') Mr. Wolf, my AP Human Geo. teacher, told us that he went to a concert in Biloxi and he heard some weird bands. He saw Devour The Day, which he said was a really heavy metal band and all they did was scream into the microphone. He said he was praying for it to be over soon. The other two bands that he said he saw were Theory of a Dead Man and Hinder. So yeah, he like Hinder and I think he also liked Theory of a Dead Man. Oh and in first period, Mrs. Hotard, the Talented Art Teacher, well, she came in. She asked me if I was going to bring my lunch tomorrow. I was like WTF. I don't even know what the fuck is going on. I'm thinking maybe it's for the Talented Art exam I'm taking to see if I qualify and can get into TA. I don't know though because I could have sworn that the day I was taking it was Wednesday, the 22nd, of this week. Like I'm so confused nd totally clueless, it's not even funny.


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