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Goodbye Agony

Say What You Want to Say

*********************Vic's POV********************** Ronnie and I look around. "Wonder where we should look." I say. Ronnie just shrugs his shoulders. My phone goes off and I answer. When I realize it's Ashley, I put him on speaker phone. He tells us what just happened. I hang up and we go in the direction I had been looking in earlier.

We walk for a while. Damn this place is like a maze. It takes you all over the place. We go down a path that seems familiar. I hear humming and I elbow Ronnie. "What?" Ronnie asks.

"Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"Humming jackass."

"Oh yeah I can somewhat hear it."

"Let's follow it." Ronnie nods in agreement. We follow the humming sound. As we get closer, I realize that someone is singing. The closer we get, the more I can understand what the person is singing.

"The emotions you feel
The voices in your mind that scream
You are fairly certain you will never heal
Your demise is what they scheme
Slowly, you become numb as your emotions fade
No one seems to care
You scream for aid
The do not care how you fare
You soon realizes no one cares for you
Soon, you will think thoughts of harm
Even though, your pain they knew
No one notices your alarm
The demons in your head are known as depression
They leave quite a desolate impression." A soft, melodic voice sings. I look around but no one's here. So where is it coming from? Ronnie nudges me and points up in the tree. I look up. A girl with white and black hair sits in the tree, swinging her legs. She must have been the one singing. Ronnie and I start clapping. She looks down swiftly. We smile back up at her.

"You have a beautiful voice if I may say so." The girl scoffs.

"What do you want?" She asks with suspicion in her tone of voice. I chuckle and shake my head.

"I don't want anything. My buddy and I are just looking for someone." The girl makes a soft sound before she moves.

"Vic, I think you should call Ashley and tell him that we might have possibly found her." Ronnie whispers to me.

"I think it would be better if I texted him instead." I whisper back as I pull my phone out. I text Ashley telling him that we might have found his daughter. He responds immediately asking where are we. I tell him by a tree pretty far from the entrance.

******************Ashley's POV******************
I smile when I read the text. I know where they are. I used to come here a lot when I was younger. I run to where my daughter is. I see Vic and Ronnie but no Aleina.

"Where's my daughter?" I ask them with a frown.

"We didn't say it was definitely your daughter. After all, you weren't very descriptive of her and she didn't have many selfies on Instagram. And the ones that she did, at least half of her face was covered or something. The girl who might," Vic stresses the might, "be your daughter is sitting up in that tree." He points upwards. I look up in the tree. I see something black and white move.

"Thanks." I say as I climb the tree. More than once I hit my head on a branch or something. I hit my head again and I let out a string of mumbled curses. I hear a soft laugh close to me. I look up and see Aleina there. She sees me looking at her and makes to move.

"Wait Aleina! Please hear me out!" She hesitates.

"Why should I? There's no possible way that I'm your daughter. I have two parents already and a sister." Aleina says.

"Please just listen to me." She heaves a sigh but nods. "Okay..but can we um...do this on the ground? It's been a while since I've climbed a tree as you can probably tell." She nods. I climb down. I look up and see that she's still in the tree.

"Aleina what ar-" I begin to say but stops as she jumps off. My eyes widen. NO! I can't lose her! I just found her! She lands on her feet softly and looks up at me.

"So what did you want to tell me?" Aleina asks with a quirked eyebrow.

"Okay, first off, how old are you?"


"Okay. So this all started seventeen years ago when my fiancee got pregnant."


So, I got some disturbing news in P.E. today. One of my friend's ex boyfriend told her he'd fuck me long and hard or some shit like that. Uh no, so not going to happen. He was also the one who ran up to me and asked me where I live Wednesday when I was walking home from school. So yeah....kinda extra creepy to me.


I'll try to

Yeah..it's the only one I've ever been to...

oh well thats cool too lol i was feeling like i knew where they were

No, I'm referring to the on where I live in Louisiana.


It's fine. Same.