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Goodbye Agony


I wake up and stretch. Last night I only got like an hour and a half of sleep at most. I had awoken at 9 last night. That was only 15 minutes after I went to sleep. I check my phone. It's 7:15. I finally was able to go back to sleep at like 6:30. What the fuck? Why do I have so many IG notifications? I check my IG notifications and my jaw drops. All of Black Veil Brides followed me and liked a lot of my posts. Johnnie Guilbert also took notice of me because he commented on my drawing of him. I'm freaking out. I screenshot my notifications and post it. I talk about how I'm freaking out and why the fuck are so many famous people are taking notice of me.
People comment on it saying I'm so lucky.The fuck? How am I lucky? I reply back to all of them telling them to tell me why I'm so lucky. When they say because so many famous people are taking notice of me, I say I don't want the attention! I sigh. I go take a shower and get dressed. I brush my hair and fix it. I wake everyone meaning Morgan and Jewel up. I tell them that I'm going to make breakfast. They ask why. I tell them because I need to do something before I freak out. Trust me, they don't want to see me freak out and have a full blown panic attack.
I cook bacon, eggs, grits, and pancakes. I make some toast. I wash the dishes I dirtied. By the time I'm done, everyone is up and about.
"Why Aleina, you shouldn't have made breakfast. It's not your job as a guest to do that." Morgan's mother tells me. I force a smile.
"Sorry, I'm just so used to doing it. I.....nevermind." I manage to catch myself in time. Morgan's mother raises an eyebrow but seems to understand that I don't want to talk about it. Morgan's father clears his throat awkwardly.
"Well, let's eat shall we?" He says. Everyone but me sits down.
"Aleina sweetie, aren't you going to eat?" Morgan's mother asks.
"I already ate." I lie with a smile. They accept the lie. They finish eating and put their dirty dishes in the sink. They all go to get dressed and ready. I wash the dishes, dry them, and put them up. They come back and Morgan, Jewel, Morgan's mother, and I get into her other's car. Morgan's brother and her father go in Morgan's father's car.
Morgan and Jewel sleep on the long drive to the Renaissance Festival. I stayed awake the entire time just listening to my music and lost in my thoughts. I run my fingers over the words carved into my stomach. Tears well in my eyes. I blink them away.
"Aleina, will you wake Jewel and Morgan up?" I blink. Wow time flies.
"Yes ma'am." I say as I gently shake them awake. "We're here guys." They groan. We all get out of the car. Once everyone is here, we walk to the opening of the fair.
"Hey nice tails!" An elderly man shouts at us.
"Thanks for the compliment you old perverted pedophile!" Jewel and I say together. We grin at each other as Morgan laughs. I'm guessing she hear what we said.
"Come on girls!" We run to catch up to the others. Morgan's mother pays for our tickets. We watch the speech the employees make. Then the "Queen" comes and tells us to enter. We hand our tickets in as we enter. We split into two groups: Morgan, Maria, Jewel, myself, and her sister Maine, and the rest in the other group.
We run around and look at things. We go to the weapon shop. Oh Jesus, I think I'm in love. I'm pretty sure I have hearts in my eyes as I stare at the swords, knives, and the other weapons. I bite my lip.
"Excuse me, are you Aleina?" A man asks me
"Yes I a--" My jaw drops. I hide behind Jewel and Morgan.
"What is wrong with you Aleina?" Jewel asks. I gesture behind her. She looks and then hides behind me.
"HEY! No fair! I was hiding behind you first!" The man chuckles as does his four friends.
"Aleina, I have reason to believe I'm your father." My jaw drops. No fucking way.



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oh well thats cool too lol i was feeling like i knew where they were

No, I'm referring to the on where I live in Louisiana.


It's fine. Same.