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Goodbye Agony


Hey guys so I need to say some stuff. I might not update again this week. I'm not sure; I just found out that my so called group of "friends" are nothing more than a bunch of backstabbers. The only good ones are Lloyd and Audrey but Lloyd is friends with the two who are starting shit. So I'm just going to leave him with them. They're better friends anyway. I mean I will try to update so I don't go off a bitches that are trying to start shit with me by sneaking around my back tday telling my mother lies and bullshit about me. I'm so done with them. I'm cutting them out of my life and they can't say shit. All because one of the bitches is jealous because the guy she still likes (She said she's over him but I know A..her and she's not. She's still not over her first boyfriend so nuh) likes me. It's not my fucking fault he doesn't like her because she snuck around and did shit with other guys and he felt betrayed by her.

So know I only have 1 friend instead of 4. The other three are good friends even though they've known each other for less time than I've known all of them. Honestly, Caught Like A Fly is my new favorite song because of all of this bullshit before. It was one of my favorites before. I'm just so irritated with people right now.

I told Lloyd the gist of what happened and all last night. He's pissed and he keeps saying, "He she it better hope they don't cross my path." I'm kind of glad I didn't tell him that I'm pretty sure it was Amber and Shannon because my mum was hanging out at the mall with Shannon's parents, Shannon, and Amber yesterday. Then she came back and had a "talk" with me that led to me bawling my eyes out. But that was mainly because I found out that everybody keeps saying that "I need some daiquiris because I need to get drunk and other shit"; I don't want to be like my father and I never said that. I may say shit kind of like that but it's always a joke. Amber, however, now that bitch does drugs and drinks so she can't go spreading lies. Just saying. I haven't done anything stupid over this. I'm just planning what I'm going to do if they try to come over to my house acting like we're still friends. I'm so fucking done with all the bullshit and drama in high school. Like seriously, get a life bitches. Fuck.


Sorry, I just really felt like I needed to give you a guys a heads up. I actually updated this on the BVB fanfiction site last night but I was still crying when I did it so yeah. Sorry guys. I'm just pissed that all the friends I ever have turn out to be fake ass bitches.


I'll try to

Yeah..it's the only one I've ever been to...

oh well thats cool too lol i was feeling like i knew where they were

No, I'm referring to the on where I live in Louisiana.


It's fine. Same.