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Goodbye Agony

You Created This Mistake

*Aleina's POV*
I sigh heavily as I walk through the gates of the Ren Fest. I never ever want to do that again. I'm surprised I didn't snap at them again. It's sad that even my idols irritate the ever loving shit out of me. Disappointing really. All they did on the way back was bicker back and forth and continuously try to get lost. I think I lost one or two of them but oh well. They can always call for help.

I walk calmly towards the jousting area, intent on watching the show. Hopefully, either they'll shut the fuck up or I'll be able to tune the bitches out. If neither happens, then I might just end up shoving something down each and every one of the jackasses' throats. Hey, don't say you wouldn't be irritated if all you heard for the past hour and a half was mindless babble. You can't so shut it. The only ones that aren't getting on my nerves are Andy and Oliver. Then again, they aren't speaking at all. Now that I think about it, were they the ones that might have disappeared? I glance over my shoulder. Nope, I see those two. They're just looking at each other with quick little side glances. Awww, the sly lovebirds. A grin tugs at my lips.

I reach the stands by the jousting area and sit down, my little group of lost puppies close behind. They all sit around me, crowding me in. I feel my eye twitching; hell, I can practically see it. I take deep breaths, trying to control myself. After all, I don't want to flip my lid and attack someone. I mean, it's best done when there are no witnesses around.

*Andy's POV*

I turn and look at Oliver. I whisper, "You see this right?" He turns and nods.

"Yeah. Aleina has this creepy little sadistic looking smirk on her face. You can practically feel the agony and torture she's mentally inflicted on all of us." I nod, a little terrified. She's scary.

"What should we do?" I whisper back. Oliver shrugs before a look of concentration shows on his face. He scrunches up his nose and shakes his head. I quirk a brow. He opens his mouth to speak but gets cut off.





"THEN YOU BLOODTHIRSTY BARBARIANS, ARE IN FOR QUITE THE TREAT. OVER IN THAT CORNER WE HAVE---" I block out the announcer. Oli and I look at Aleina. She looks calmer and interested now. We both look at each other before exhaling in relief. She's occupied now. Good.

*Aleina's POV*

I get giddy as the joust begins. The man in the white armor slams his shield into the dark grey knight. The dark grey knight retaliates by kicking the other knight in the chest, causing him to fall off. They begin to exchange blows, the white knight at a disadvantage. I begin to grow bored halfway through. I huff.

This is so predictable. You can tell what each knight's move will be. Still okay, just not as exciting as I thought it would be. Well, good thing the Birds of Prey event/show is up 15 minutes after this. I twirl my thumbs, waiting for this to be over. It seems to take forever but it was probably about 10 minutes, give or take. The white knight, the victor, takes off his helmet, grinning wide and bows deeply. People walk up to him and drop money in his helmet. I turn disinterested eyes toward the birds to my right and slightly behind me.

They all look rather antsy. Can't say I blame them. I would probably be antsy too if I was locked up in a cage or tied to a perch all day and was only free for the amusement of peasants. My lips curl up. Poor creatures. The birds are moved to the area in front of the stands. It's time for the show to start.

I watch the birds do stunts and tricks for treats. I smile as a large barn owl lands on the perch. I see it scanning the crowd before narrowing its eyes at something. I follow its gaze and see Morgan, Jewel, and a group of children. My grin turns sinister as I see what the owl is thinking. It's the one that tried attacking Jewel and Morgan earlier. Luckily, I get videos of all the attempts on their lives.

The man whistles and the owl shoots straight for Morgan, Jewel, and the group of kids. It spreads it feet slightly as it passes between Jewel's and Morgan's faces. I snicker as I see what it did. Deep gouges run the length of their cheeks. It flies back to the perch, a mouse in its talons.

My phone vibrates and I pout. I jump off the back of the stands and walk away as I answer it. "Yes?" I listen for a few moments. "Oh? The results are back? Well don't keep a girl waiting Drew! What are they?" I pause for a second. "What do you mean I should probable sit down? Ha! I knew it wa....wait what?" My eyes widen and I stop dead in my tracks. The hell is going on?


Guys keep hitting on me. It's creepy. My friend is in disbelief because I kept offering her up in return for them leaving me alone. Hey, I don't want them touching me, biting me, groping my ass, jiggling my ass and breasts, and more. Just no. I can't tell you how many times my personal space was violated New Years Eve/New Years Day morning. Amber doesn't mind though so therefore she is the offering. And then other crap happened earlier on New Years Eve that led to me crying that night. Which in turn, resulted in the guy, Jared, that was touching Amber and me attempt to comfort me but he just made it worse.

When I went to the Ren Fest last year, the birds tried attacking my friends, screaming and screeching. It was so funny.


I'll try to

Yeah..it's the only one I've ever been to...

oh well thats cool too lol i was feeling like i knew where they were

No, I'm referring to the on where I live in Louisiana.


It's fine. Same.