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Goodbye Agony

Thin Ice So Tread Light

*Aleina's POV*
I just stare, shocked, at the person who was carrying me like a sack of potatoes. I blink before mentally shaking my shock off. I smirk at him before beginning to walk to the others. I tilt my head to the side slightly as I call behind me, "You know, British people are supposed to have more class and manners. After all, most of the others I have met have. It's rather disappointing especially since you manhandled a young girl. You should be ashamed of yourself mister." I hear Andy snicker at my comment.

"Oi, what's that supposed to mean?" The other guy calls out. I sigh.

"You know, I thought you were smarter but apparently you're not. So I guess I have to explain exactly what I meant." I say as I stop and turn around to face him. I walk up to him and look him in the eyes. "You," I poke his chest, "shouldn't treat a girl like a sack of potatoes. You shouldn't have grabbed me and thrown me over your should like I weighed a ton. Now that's just rude; I know I'm fat but I'm not that fat. Finally, your finesse, or rather, lack thereof disappoints me greatly, Danny." With that being said, I turn on my heel and flip my hair in his face as I walk back to the others. Huh, there's more people now. What the hell is this? 'Annoy the hell out of Aleina and make her stressed out' day? I hear snorting and laughing from the new group.

"She has you there Danny. You have no finesse whatsoever." A dark haired man comments.

"Shut it Denis." Danny retorts. Ah so he's the new singer eh? Mkay.

"What the hell is it with people crowding me, annoying me, and other shit today?" I grumble as I walk past everyone. I grab my phone and text Jewel that I'm leaving and everything that's going on. She responds back with an okay. I sigh and put my phone away as I turn back to my little group of shadows.

"Okay bitches this is how it's going to go down. We're going to go to the near by police station and get the DNA test done. We will then come back here once it is done. No other stops, no delays. Okay? OKAY?" I say deadpan but forceful.

"OKAY." Everyone responds. That's what I thought. At least they know who the boss is. I snicker to myself as I turn around and begin walking.

"Wait, where are you going?" Ashley asks frantically.

"Where does it look like I'm going? I'm leaving so we can go to the station, duh. God, and here I
thought you were at least semi-smart. Yet, that opinion has been proven wrong throughout today." I comment over my shoulder. Ashley falls silent. I sigh mentally. What is it with these people? Lord. I hear them following behind me as I walk towards the exit. We pass through the gates and I hear Ashley trying to get my attention. I ignore him. He huffs before walking faster until he's walking side by side with me. He nudges me with his shoulder.


"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm going to the station." He stops dead in his tracks.

"And just how are you getting there?" He raises his voice slightly.

"Oh just going to hop on my broom and fly there; you know, the usual. How else stupid? I'm walking." I answer back.

"No you are not. You're riding shot gun in the car with Andy, me, CC, Jinxx, and Jake. That's final." I snort before turning and looking him dead in the eyes.

"Okay look here. First things first, what are you driving? An SUV? I always knew you were the female in the band. Second of all, I AM walking. I'm not riding with some stranger I just met. Just because you're famous doesn't mean shit. I'm not going to treat you any different than how I treat others; subsequently, if you think I'm going to bend backwards just to please you, you can fuck yourself with a flail. If you don't have one, there are some on sale at the weapons shop back there. Okay? Okay. " I snarl.

"Don't talk to me that way!"

"Let's get one thing straight darling ," my voice drips with venomous sarcasm on the word darling, "you can't order me around. I'm not some damn dog. I'm not an eager little puppy, wanting to please you. I'm a bitch. Kay? K. Now, if you think you can order me around, go ahead and try. Don't blame me when you get bit. I did warn you after all." With that I spin furiously on my heels and walk away.

*Denis's POV*

I whistle low and long. 'Damn, she's one hellcat. Quite the spitfire and extremely easy on the eyes,'I think as I look her up and down discreetly. I snicker as I follow her, leaving everyone but Oliver stock still.

*Oliver's POV*

I smirk widely as I pass Ashley, following Aleina. "Ashley's finally been put in his place. And by a tiny 17-year-old girl to boot." I say to irk him. I hear a few chuckles but I smile when I see Aleina's mouth quirk up slightly.

"He's right man. You did have it coming," I hear Andy say. I turn back to see him walking towards Aleina and me as well as Denis. I see everyone slowly becoming unfrozen again. I turn back towards Aleina, catching up to her as everyone begins trudging behind us.

"Andy's right Aleina. He shouldn't have said any of that to you." I say, sincerity clear in my voice. She glances at me before continuing walking. I take that as her accepting my statement. I clear my throat awkwardly. "So um...how far away is the station?"

"In the sense of time, it depends on the pace we walk at; but as in distance, it's about 25, maybe 30 or so miles away." I blink in shock. "With a car, it may take up to an hour if there is heavy traffic. Walking, it can take even longer." She turns towards me, smirking. "But I know a short cut that cuts it down to about 8 miles." She looks back ahead. "Normally, I get there in about 45 minutes if I'm walking slow. That is, at least from the Ren Fest anyway."

I cock my head to the side. I'm curious to know what that means but I can tell she doesn't want to talk about it. So instead, we settle into comfortable silence as Andy and Denis catch up to the two of us. I look behind us and see that while we're far in front of them, they can obviously see us. I mean they definitely don't look like little specks. Also, I can just make out the pout on Ashley's face.


*Aleina's POV*

It took us around an hour and a half to get there because I had to walk slow for everyone to keep up. Seriously, I can't tell you how many times one of them called out for me to slow down. Shesh. The Denis guy kept staring at me. I bet he thinks that no one noticed but I definitely did. Seriously, how could you not notice when someone was burning holes into various parts of your body? Andy and Oli made small chit chat. So overall, it was okay. I had texted Drew about half an hour ago and told him that I was calling on one of the favors he owed me. He's probably thinking I'm coming from my house at this rate.

I walk into the cool station, scanning the area for Drew. He smiles as he sees me and rushes to me, giving me a big bear hug. I awkwardly return the hug as best as I can. He sets me down after a couple seconds, holding me away at arms length as he inspects my face.

"So, fill me in girl!" He squeals in a gay voice. I smile internally. I'm glad I asked him to act gay. Well, he's bisexual so it's actually not much of a stretch. Anyway, I gesture towards my little "entourage". His eyes widen before licking his lips. I grin, this will be good.

"Well hello. I do not believe I have had the pleasure of meeting you," He purrs as he strolls towards Ashley. I hold back a snicker as Drew kneels on one knee and grabs Ashley's hand, kissing it. "I'm Drew but you can call me your big stallion any day." He purrs sensually. Ashley rips his hand out of Drew's as he stumbles backwards. The look of sheer terror on his face is too priceless; I bust out laughing my ass off. Drew turns to me, still acting and huffs with a pout.

"It's not funny Aleina! I'm serious! He's just too feminine to not offer. I'll be his dom any day! And stop laughing, it's ruining my sex appeal!" He huffs out before we both laugh loudly. We both have tears in our eyes as we laugh. He wipes his tears away and gives me a "was I good or what" look.

"You were perfect! Did you see-"

"Ashley's face? Of course girl! But we both know I wasn't kidding in my offer either." He winks at me. I snicker.

"Hear that Ashley? Drew wants to cultivate you and pamper you like the princess you are!" I snicker. His face turns an intriguing shade of green before he runs outside. Drew and I laugh more. We wheeze as our fit of laughter finally dies. I straighten and look at Drew.

"Okay, you want the details? I'll short hand it and then explain everything more in depth later, kay hun?" Drew nods. I take a deep breath before launching into a summary of what happened.

"Okay, so long story short, your rider outside believes I'm his daughter." Drew gives me a look and starts to say something but I hold up a hand. "I know, I know. However, please keep all questions, comments, concerns, etc. to yourself until the end. Thank you. Anyway, remember how I was going to the Ren Fest today? Yeah, well lover boy over there tracked me down, showing up with this," I wave my hand at the group of people trying to inconspicuously listen to our conversation. Nosy bastards. "group. He won't take no for an answer so I came here. I'm asking you to do me the favor of doing a DNA test on Ashley and me to see if we are related. When he finds out he is mistaken, he will leave me alone, and I can go back to my life." He shoots me a surprised look at the last sentence but keeps his thoughts to himself since we have eavesdroppers basically leaning over my shoulders. "Questions, comments, concerns, etc.?"

"Yes, multiple but I'll just start with the more pressing ones. Why does he think your his daughter? Second, when do you want the DNA test results back? Third, WHY DIDN'T YOU PREPARE ME FOR MEETING A SHIT TON OF MY IDOLS AT ONCE ALEINA?!" He whisper screams. "Four, what if he is actually right and you are his daughter?" I couldn't help it. I snorted.

"Please, as if I could be his daughter. You know the story and all," I vaguely hint, aware that people are breathing heavily on the back of my neck. "Sorry Drew, one moment sweetheart, mkay?" I smile sweetly at him. He nods, understanding. I turn around to face the nosy bitches, the smile melting off my face. In its place, a ghost of a sneer curves my lips. "Let's get a couple things straight bitches. Just like I told Ashley, just because you're famous, my idols, and such, doesn't mean shit to me. I won't hesitate to knock your ass out flat. Second, don't be nosy bitches. If I wanted you to hear Drew and my conversation, then I would have made that loud and clear by speaking louder. Third, I like my personal space; this means that you do not enter my bubble which extends five feet away from its center, aka me, in all directions. If I wanted you near me, I would have made that crystal clear. Finally, if you don't back the fuck up and stop breathing on my neck like a fucking elephant with asthma, I will beat the shit out of you in front of police officers. Kay? Kay." Drew whistles low.

"Damn, you're showing a lot of restraint there."

"Oh shut it before I group you in with them." At this, he raises his hands in surrender, wide-eyed. "Anyway, to answer your questions, it's a long story. I'll explain it to you later tonight. Whenever you can, soon hopefully; the sooner I can get Ashley off my case, the better. Oh please bisch. I texted you telling you not to fangirl and to mentally prepare yourself for a major surprise." I fold my arms across my chest as I look at him.

"No you didn't!" I quirk a brow.

"Oh yeah? Check your texts. I messaged it about 15 minutes after the first message." Drew pulls out his phone and scrolls through it. His facial expression changes. I smirk in triumph. He mumbles something under his breath. I cup an ear and lean my head towards him. "What was that dear? Speak up, I can't hear you when you talk so low and when your phone is shoved in your face. Stand up straight when you speak mister and enunciate better and more loudly." He glares at me, huffing.

"I said I see that now." I smirk, silently gloating as he attempts to give me a death glare.

"Mhm. Anyway, can we get this over with?" I ask as I see Ashley stumble back inside. He still looks a little sick to his stomach but better than before. Drew follows my gaze before nodding and turning on his heels.

"Come on Aleina, Purdy. Follow me." Drew says as he leads us through a pair of doors, into a cool, white hallway. We follow silently behind him. I feel Ashley's gaze on me the entire time we walk through the hallway. We stop at a pair of double doors. Through the window, I can make out a lab of sorts. Drew enters and motions for us to follow. Drew offers me a cold stool to sit on as he rummages in a drawer. He extracts two cotton swabs encased in plastic. He takes one out before saying, "Open your mouth Aleina," and swabs inside mouth and my cheeks, making sure to get enough saliva. He repeats the process with Ashley before bagging each one seperately. He turns to me.

"I'll drop this off at the lab after escorting you two out. Oh and to answer your earlier comment, I'll try to have the results back in two or three hours." He smiles, before winking at me. "You know I would do anything for my baby girl," Drew ruffles my hair and I slap his hands away. I fix my hair, glaring daggers at him as he chuckles. "Come on, this way." He turns and we walk back the way we came. While Ashley and the others are exiting, Drew pulls me to the side. "Make sure you give me all the juicy details. You know how I love it." He tells me as he hugs me fondly.

"I know and I will," I respond as I return the hug. "I'll talk to you later, okay? They're probably waiting for me since they'd get lost without me leading them back. Hell, they kept trying to get lost on the way here!" I call over my shoulder as I jog outside.

"What took you so long?" Ashley asks.

"Now that's really not any of your business; however, since I'm feeling kind today, I'll tell you. I was saying bye to Drew. You have a problem with that? I don't give a flying fuck." With that being said, I walk to the front of the group to lead them. For some reason, I feel like I'm Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. I can't help but to snort. Especially since I cannot fathom why that even popped into my head. After all, I am definitely not interested in following Christianity or any other religion for that matter. Then again, my parents do force me to attend church with them even though I'm an apatheist. They don't know nor do they need to know. A shiver crawls down my spine as I think of what the consequences for ruining their "perfect" little family, or rather, the illusion of a perfect family might be.


Sorry I've been gone so long. I've just been dealing with some crap. What did you guys get for Christmas?

Also, I'm not entirely sure if you're allowed back into the Festival after exiting without buying another ticket but in this fanfic you are.

I tried to make it long to make up for my unexpected absence. Word count: 3,026

I'm so upset. Apparently Warped Tour is finally coming to Louisiana but guess who can't go.
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