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Goodbye Agony


Ashley has a daughter...or had one. What happens when he sees a post on IG that might be from his daughter who he thought was long dead? Ashley and the rest of the band are best friends with MIW, PTV, MCR, SWS. BMTH, OM&M, and a couple others. Together, they find out what happened the night of Ashley's fiancee's death.
When Ashley was 16, he got his girlfriend pregnant on accident. They were going to marry each other. But that all changed when his girlfriend, who at the time was 9 months pregnant, was found brutally murdered and her corpse mutilated. There was no sign of their unborn child. What had happened to her?
More bands than just BVB but too lazy to add in.

Full summary here. Main site I update it on anyway.

Ashley's dead girlfriend. Was murdered when she was 17. Mother of the missing child.
Ashley Purdy. 33.
Aleina. 17. Big fan of BVB, MCR, ADTR, PTV, MIW, Skillet, Issues, GT, FIR, FFR, FFAK, FFDP, SWPB, and a lot more bands.
BVB. Andy's 25, Jinxx 27, CC's 26, Ashley's 33, and Jake's 31.


  1. You're On Your Own

  2. Huh?

  3. Fuck Your Shit

    All poems in this story are my own original poems. I wrote them to express myself.

  4. Say What You Want to Say

  5. Burn My Lungs and Curse My Eyes

  6. Hasty

    This is what happened before the 5th chapter on this site. Sorry if it seems out of place but yeah.

  7. Apologies Are In Order

  8. Run In

  9. Girls, Girls, Boys

  10. Thin Ice So Tread Light

  11. You Created This Mistake

  12. Notice



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