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Run Away Before It's Too Late


Kathandria was put in an orphanage just recently. Maybe two years ago. One day, a man arrives looking to adopt someone. Will she be adopted or passed over like everybody before him has done to her? More characters but too lazy to add them in. Sucky at writing stories and summaries. Sorry. Follow the links to the pictures.
Kathandria is fourteen though she looks younger.
Ya know who these are. If you don't, then why the fuck are you reading a fanfic about people you don't even know? Ghost 18. Chris 21. Balz 20. Ricky 19.
Ghost Town



So what if you're "crazy". We're all "crazy" in our own way. Hell I'm even a little "crazy". Being "crazy" just means you're limited edition and not a washing machine. People need to think before they speak and open their minds before their mouths. Show them how it feels to be treated the way they treat you. Kick their a$$ a little.

One of my ex-friends went to a place that's a little similar to the place you went.

If you ever need to talk, I'm here to listen :)

I love the fact that he says my daughter.

Thanks. That's good because I noticed that i'm actually pretty good at writing dark/disturbing things.

yay i like things that are dark and if you need new friends this bitch right here will love on you darlin

Jaxx_Hysteria Jaxx_Hysteria

Sorry, I'm just seeing this now. But thank you though I don't really feel like I'm any good. Aww, that's sweet and I hope I will too.
But yeah, I'm planning on writing a new fanfic to help me feel better since it'll distract me from all the bullshit my family and "friends" are putting me through lately.
Oh P.S.: The sequel is going to be rather dark with torture (detailed descriptions probably), possible character death/murder, maybe mentions of rape (Not quite certain on this part), and more but yeah. Just a heads up.