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The First Punch


Alexandria had an abusive father after her mother died, she was left alone to fend for herself after her brother ran away.. Will (her brother) moved to Australia to further expand his photography, she didn't want to leave California so she moved in with her best friend, Lian, when she was 17. When she moved in with Lian she had to switch schools, that's when she met some boys who would change her life forever. She has been Pierce The Veils merch girl since she was 19. Now she's 24 and the guys are going on tour. Everything's going great until groupies, drugs, and alcohol set in. What will she do when she's left on tour with the man she hates and the man she's loves?
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Alexandria Cavella

Alexandria Cavella

24 years old. PTV's merch girl. Dating Mike Fuentes since she was 22. She loves partying and she enjoys a drink or five. Her best friends are Lian and Jamie. The band members of almost every band love her because she's fun to be with and is well... Adorable.

Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

24 years old. Bassist for Pierce The Veil. Dating Lian. Down to earth and outgoing, he loves to have fun.

Lian Costello

Lian Costello

24 years old. Dating Jamie. Alexandria's best friend. People are attracted to her but she doesn't try to meet new people. Overall she's just a really nice person.

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

25 years old. Drummer for Pierce The Veil. Has a drug/drinking problem. Is dating Alexandria. Is a major partier and loves the ladies.

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

24 years old. Guitarist for Pierce The Veil. Really sweet and cares for everyone unless you hurt him. He seems tough but is really sweet.

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes

26 years old. Lead singer for Pierce The Veil. Mikes older brother. He is too caught up in the fame to care about the little things happening in his life.


  1. Here We Go Again

  2. It's Not like Hit You or Anything

  3. Don't You Try and Blame This on Me

  4. Decisions, Decisions

  5. The Morning After

  6. The Back Lounge

    Flashback!! SMUT... kinda sorta maybe...!!!

  7. Coffee Anyone?

  8. The Kiss and the Scream

  9. Lying Bastard

  10. Memories and Habits

    May be triggering to some people.

  11. Motionless

  12. You Disgust Me

    -Vic’s POV-

  13. In a Storm of Feeling

  14. I Have a Question to Ask and Something to Give Her

  15. People I Actually Love and Trust

  16. The Proposal

  17. Talk Right through Me

  18. You Flutter Bum

    -Kel’s POV-

  19. Mr. 50's Makes a Threat

  20. Cavella!

  21. Be Like a Human Being

  22. It Can Get Pretty Fun

  23. The Day Off (Part 1)

  24. The Day Off (Part 2)

    -Kel's POV-

  25. The Day Off (Part 3)

  26. The Day Off (Part 4)

  27. The Day Off (Part 5)

  28. Can I Ask You a Question?

    6 Weeks Later

  29. SuicideGirls

  30. Connor

  31. First Connor, Then Hayden, and Now Ahren

  32. Vic-turd, Hime Time, and Tony The Turtle

  33. Seeing an Old Friend and Facing Old Habits

    Trigger warning!

  34. Arlene, Tony, and One More.

  35. Gigs, Bands, and Drinking

  36. A Bagel and Some Pickles Too..

  37. Meet the Band Members

  38. How Not to Rave..

  39. You're Having a Baby and Before I Could Cry You're Leaving Me Just When I Thought You Were Mine

  40. If You Love Me Let Me Go

  41. Motionless In Cupcakes

  42. I Cannot Stand Another Night in This Home

    ~3 Days Later~ -3rd Person POV-

  43. In the Chill of Your Stare I Am Painfully Lost

    -Kel's POV- //May be triggering to some//

  44. He Was the Lucky One

    ~Kel's funeral~ //May be triggering//

  45. Kick Off

    (skip ahead a few weeks)

  46. I'm Sorry, I Can't See That You Truly Love Me

  47. The Thought of You's No Fucking Fun

  48. I Cannot Spend Another Night in This Home

  49. The Place is Mine

  50. Come on, Lets Have Some Fun, Goodbye

  51. Sequel!!

  52. TLP

  53. The Last Punch -- Sequel!


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The Last Punch on active account

So I have been busy with doing work but alas I have made time to write the debut chapter for The Last Punch. I don't know where I'm going to post it but be on the lookout.-BTC

So I don't know what's going on with the google login but it won't let me login as BTC so I made a temp account while the site, hopefully, fixes the problem. Please don't forget about The Last Punch!! It will happen no matter what!! Sorry for the inconvenience...-BTC <3 xoxo