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I Can Be Your Everything


Seraphine is a slave to the life. Mother holds the key to her survival and she has lived by the rules since she was born. One day, everything changes. The mysterious dark figure that comes and goes from Mother's room suddenly has a face and that face is burned in her memory. She can't shake him and he doesn't seem to want her to. He's dangerous and sexy, dark and mysterious, and most of all ... he's ripping her heart from her chest.

*** WARNING *** Contains sex, violence, and graphic content. This story probably isn't for the light-hearted.


Amelia & Rita

Amelia & Rita

Ashley Costello

Ashley Costello

Bubbly, odd, cute, and a little ... dark ;)

Cara Mia

Cara Mia

Another girl in The House. Has always been jealous of Seraphine.

Chris Motionless

Chris Motionless

Ringmaster at THE FREAKSHOW. After years with Mother, he suddenly takes interest in her daughter.



Another girl in the House. Friends with Seraphine.



Book-keeper and "Peace-keeper" at the House.



Mastermind behind The House. A queen stuck in her ways. What's hers is HERS and there's nothing anyone can do about it.



A fighter for sure. (Lusy Logan from Inkedmag)

Oliver Sykes

Oliver Sykes

One of Seraphine's regulars. Also owns the bar, The House Of Wolves.

Ricky Horror

Ricky Horror

Quiet and reserved. Part of the band at FREAKSHOW. Immediately hits it off with Seraphine.



A girl torn between what she knows and what she's always longed for. (Brought to life by photos of Taylor Momsen.)

Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson

The dark, unruly stranger that comes to The House one day.


  1. "I'll have you down on your knees. I'll have you begging for more."

    - Whore by In This Moment

  2. "I can't live with myself, so stay with me tonight."

    - Don't Go by BMTH

  3. "Nobody prays for the heartless."

    - Caraphernelia by PTV

  4. "The devil came to take me to hell. I'm already there."

    - The Death Of Me by Asking Alexandria

  5. "Such a deep disguise. The devil's right inside."

    - Angel Eyes by New Years Day (ft. Chris Motionless <3)

  6. "I could be ruthless. You know I could be just like you."

    - Just Like You by Three Days Grace

  7. "The cycle repeats and repeats. And I can't turn the power off."

    - MNSTR by Crown the Empire

  8. "I just want to know you. I just want to know your name."

    - Angel Eyes by New Years Day (ft. Chris Motionless <3)

  9. "I'm walking on an edge. That's how I stay alive.

    - The Webs We Weave by Escape the Fate

  10. "Let me get inside your head. Let me stick my needles in."

    - Needles by Seether

  11. "But you think that I cant see, what kind of man that you are."

    - Decode by Paramore

  12. "I'm under your spell, and I don't regret it."

    - Angel Eyes by New Years Day (ft. Chris Motionless <3)

  13. "And I know I'm not the only one. Don't tell me this is happening."

    - Stay Still by Blessthefall

  14. "A user, a lost soul. Someone you don't know."

    - Ugly by The Exies

  15. "Still I'm here just holding on. Confess my heart and forgive my wrongs."

    - Roger Rabbit by SWS

  16. "I'm still living one big nightmare."

    - A-M-E-R-I-C-A by MIW

  17. "The closer I get is the further I feel."

    - Synthetic Love by MIW

  18. "I can't take what you're doing to me."

    - The Promise by In This Moment

  19. "Beyond The Pale, Everything Is Black."

    - If I Was Your Vampire by Marilyn Manson


I love this story so much. You're an awesome writer.

I love it!

You're very welcome, & I agree.

Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me. I've definitely thought about it, but for now I'll stick with my fanfics. They're so much fun, aren't they? ;)

I am! :D (throws confetti) I'm already working on another chapter ;)