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Celebrate The Way That Night Hides Scars


Sequel To Angel; 12 Years ago, the Perry family lost someone very important. Tony is left with his three kids and his new wife. Taylor knows that Erin isn't her mother but loves her the same and makes her happy by calling her mom. The loss of Rose caused some break in the Perry family, what will Tony do when things start getting bad for the family again? How has the Preciado family coped with the loss of Tris? How has the Fuentes family coped after losing Marlie and Cara? Have they continued to visit the one's they've lost? But the biggest question is, will problems be the final end to Pierce The Veil?

Link to Angel: http://www.piercetheveilfanfiction.com/Story/28257/Angel/


Andrew Matthew Perry

Andrew Matthew Perry

A twin who also lost his mother in tne accident on tour, Taylor's older brother and Ben's twin, misses Rose a lot. Age at beginning of story: 17

Ashley Rose Fuentes

Ashley Rose Fuentes

Mike's only daughter, lost her mother during birth, likes to spend time with Mike and his new wife Alysha. Age in the beginning of the story: 15

Benjamin Daniel Perry

Benjamin Daniel Perry

A twin, also lost his mother in the crash, older brother to Taylor and twin to Andy, looks so much like Tony, misses Rose a lot. Age at the beginning of the story: 17

Cameron Jaime Preciado

Cameron Jaime Preciado

Jaime's only son, lost his mother in the same crash as Taylor and her siblings, looks like a splitting image or Jaime, really enjoys spending time with Jaime's new wife Jessica. Age at the beginning of the story: 15

Dallas Ross Stars

Dallas Ross Stars

Dinky and Drakes son, goes by Dally. Age entering story: 14

Danielle Wolfe

Danielle Wolfe

You'll just have to read and see. Age when she comes in: 18.

Daryl Dison

Daryl Dison

You'll just have to read and see. Age when he enters the story: 18

Eliza Demetria Stars

Eliza Demetria Stars

Dinky and Drake's daughter, goes by Liz. Age entering story: 12

Sally Marie Fuentes

Sally Marie Fuentes

Her mother died of cancer, Vic's only child, likes spending time with Vic and his new wife Danielle. Age at the beginning of the story: 16

Taylor Lights Perry

Taylor Lights Perry

Lost her mother (Rose) in an accident while on tour, the youngest of Tony's children, the only child who is nice to Tony's new wife Erin. Age at beginning of story: 15

Tyra Matthews

Tyra Matthews

You'll just have to read and find out about her. Age entering story: 17


  1. Chapter 1

    "We have company"

  2. Chapter 2

    "I must accept these consequences for my actions"

  3. Chapter 3

    "You ungrateful little shit"

  4. Chapter 4

    "I laid down, I drank the poison then I passed the fuck out."

  5. Chapter 5

    "Cause I've been going crazy"

  6. Chapter 6

    "I don't ever wanna lose my best friend."

  7. Chapter 7

    "Sometimes I question why I'm still here."

  8. Chapter 8

    "I battle with the evil ways"

  9. Chapter 9

    "Cut my life into pieces"

  10. Chapter 10

    "How to save a life"

  11. Chapter 11

    "Dont try to pin this on me."

  12. Chapter 12

    "Because life can do terrible things"

  13. Chapter 13

    "Then I don't know the awkward stranger to my right"

  14. Chapter 14

    "It could be like we never knew each other at all."

  15. Chapter 15

    "We were so young and invincible"

  16. Chapter 16

    "If you believe that everything's alright You won't be all alone tonight"

  17. Chapter 17

    "Somewhere in Neverland"

  18. Chapter 18

    "This is not what it is, only baby scars."

  19. Chapter 19

    "I could talk for hours with you about the little things, like why the sky is blue or how much I love the moon."

  20. Chapter 20

    "And baby, honestly it's harder breathing next to you"

  21. Chapter 21

    "Opposites attract, we try and run away but end up coming back"

  22. Chapter 22

    "Oh can you tell I haven't slept since the last time that we spoke?"

  23. Chapter 23

    "Someone, Somewhere"

  24. Chapter 24

    "Breathing and grasping all leads to another messy ending."

  25. Chapter 25 *Sexual Content*

    "It's like loving a lion that cannot be tamed."

  26. Chapter 26

    "We knew that we were destined to explode."

  27. Chapter 27

    "It's been a while since I could look at myself straight"

  28. Chapter 28

    "We go together or we don't go down at all."

  29. Chapter 29

    "Who will fix me now?"

  30. Chapter 30

    "I guess I'm just your average boy."

  31. Chapter 31

    "Save me from myself"

  32. Chapter 32

    "Hard to resist temptation."

  33. Chapter 33

    "Take another step back, don't leave! I'll always value your life over mine."

  34. Chapter 34

    "You will remember me for centuries."

  35. Chapter 35

    "Yeah, I thought we'd live off love."

  36. Chapter 36

    "Fuck you and your decision."

  37. Chapter 37

    "I just had sex, and it felt so good!"

  38. Chapter 38

    "This heart of fire is burning proud."

  39. Chapter 39

    "It's dark, it's cold. My mind is not my own!"

  40. Chapter 40

    "Don't they hate to see us try."

  41. Chapter 41

    "I'm breathing, not living, I wanna know if my soul's worth saving."

  42. Chapter 42

    "Wake me up, say enough is enough. I'm dying to live, somethings gotta give!"

  43. Chapter 43

    "If we live to fight another day, and serve our country without dismay. For those who take us from our homes, may God have mercy on your souls."

  44. Chapter 44

    "My spirit's stuck between two roads And waiting there on me The first path is the way to go The life I wanna lead"

  45. Chapter 45

    "I ponder of something great, my lungs will fill and then deflate. They fill with fire, exhale desire. I know it's dire my time today. I have these thoughts so often I ought to replace that slot with what I once bought, cause somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence."

  46. Chapter 46

    "And be a simple kind of man Oh, be something you love and understand Baby be a simple kind of man Oh, won't you do this for me, son, if you can"

  47. Chapter 47

    "Wherever I go, trouble seems to follow."

  48. Chapter 48

    "Has anybody seen all my wasted love?"

  49. Chapter 49

    "And when you say 'I'm not okay, I left my phone in the cab. Now you can't get mad!'"

  50. Chapter 50

    "I am aware, that I am an asshole I really don't care, about all of that though."

  51. Chapter 51

    "I am bulletproof."

  52. Chapter 52

    "It's time to take you home. It feels so early but I promised I would bring you too your door."

  53. Chapter 53

    "Struggling man has got to move struggling man, no time to lose I'm a struggling man and I've got to move on."

  54. Chapter 54

    "The crazier the kid, the tighter his pants."

  55. Chapter 55

    "While you're doing fine, there's some people and I who have a really tough time getting through this life so excuse us while we sing to the sky."

  56. Chapter 56

    "I'm gonna break your little heart Watch you take the fall Laughing all the way to the hospital"

  57. Chapter 57

    "He was the wizard of a thousand kings and I chanced to meet him one night wandering he told me tales and he drank my wine me and my magic man kind of feeling fine."

  58. Chapter 58

    "Beautiful scars on critical veins"

  59. Chapter 59 *Smut Warning*

    "The songs on the radio are okay, but my taste in music is your face, and it takes a song to come around to show you how she's the tear in my heart."

  60. Chapter 60

    "I still wish you the best of luck baby And don't go thinking that this was a waste of time I couldn't forget you if I tried You killed what was left of the good in me I'm tired so let me be broken Look down at the mess that's in front of me No other words need be spoken"

  61. Chapter 61

    "I said ooh, ooohh You give me something to talk about Something to talk about I said ooh, ooohh You give me something to think about That's not the shit in my head You're a miracle You're a miracle A miracle"

  62. Chapter 62

    "I heard that you've been Self-medicating in the quiet of your room, Your sweet, suburban tomb. And if you need a friend, I'll help you stitch up your wounds."

  63. Chapter 63

    "I do not have writer's block, my writer just hates the clock, It will not let me sleep, I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead, And sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head. Am I the only one I know, Waging my wars behind my face and above my throat? Shadows will scream that I'm alone, B

  64. Chapter 64

    "As we wake up in your room, Your face is the first thing I see, The first time I've seen love, And the last I'll ever need, You remind her that your future would be nothing without her, Never lose her, I'm afraid, Better think of something good to say"

  65. Chapter 65

    "And life is a joke, but at least I can love you, naked and tattooed counting the stars and scars and if the pain is a sound, let’s slow it down."

  66. Chapter 66

    "I’m not meant for this world, I just don’t see the point."

  67. Chapter 67

    "There's a voice in my head, says I'm better off dead, but if I sing along a little fucking louder to a happy song I'll be alright."

  68. Chapter 68

    "I was made to love you."

  69. Chapter 69

    "My love for you was beautiful, but you're the one who shot me and god damn it, I can barely say your name, so I'll try to write it and fill this pen with blood from the sink."

  70. Chapter 70

    "This is not what I intended I always swore to you I'd never fall apart You always thought that I was stronger I may have failed But I have loved you from the start"

  71. Chapter 71

    "Friend, please remove your hands from over your eyes for me I know you want to leave, but friend, please don't take your life away from me."

  72. Chapter 72

    "A river will flow. Even pointless lust tolls the bell of interest. Parched for repentance."

  73. Chapter 73

    "I don’t want to pretend that I’m stronger for it all I don’t want to pretend that the sadness is gone 'Cause I wanna know that I’m steady on my feet I don’t want to pretend so peace will be real to me."

  74. Chapter 74

    "I'm all dressed up and naked, I see what's mine and take it."

  75. Chapter 75

    "This is an S.O.S. Don't wanna second guess This is the bottom line, it's true, I gave my all for you Now my heart's in two And I can't find the other half It's like I'm walking on broken glass Better believe I bled It's a call I'll never get"

  76. Chapter 76

    "The writings on the wall, you've read that I'll be gone, but if you call my name Just know that I'll come running, for one more night to spare with you This is where I'm meant to be, please don't leave me"

  77. Chapter 77

    "I'd never lie to you unless I had to I'll do what I got to unless I had to I'll do what I got to, the truth is you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt."

  78. Chapter 78

    "If Texas is forever then where is your home sweet home?"

  79. Chapter 79

    "Leave me alone, I'm caught to the bone, the Springtrap has risen, god damn he's not alone."


Glad you're loving it and I don't plan on ending this one too soon :)

Damn!!! I love the way this is going, please go on <3

I guess that's just something you get with my stories haha

Oh my gosh I can't I love this but it's so heart-wrenching

I was informed by my coauthor it may be a little while due to responsibilities and all, but she will be updating as soon as she can :)