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Curtains Close; Take a bow. I think we fooled all of them now.


Rain is an eighteen year old girl who struggles with severe depression. She struggles with self harm, alcohol abuse, drugs and suicide almost every day. However, when Oli comes along, everything changes.




Danny's ex-boyfriend. He is danish, and deeply in love with Danny still.



SJ's brother, an old friend of Oliver's which is how he met her. However Danny hates SJ and avoids her at all costs. 17 years old.



Oli's baby son. Hanley is all that Oli has now, and Oli protects him with every bone in his body, as he is all that he has left of SJ.



Rain's brother. He used to be disabled, but ever since being cured and leaving his chair, he has spiraled out of control. 21 years old.



Collects death in order to stay alive, Is in love with Rain. 21 Years Old.



Suicidal girl who is saved by Oli. Eventually gets into a close relationship with him. 19 Years old.



Rain's daughter. She was born blind, and is very sensitive to sound. She often feels alone and disorientated because she can't see who is around her.

Sj - Whiteley

Sj - Whiteley

Keeps control of people like Oliver, makes sure they are doing their job properly. 22 Years old.


  1. Chapter 1 - I've Dug My Grave, So I'll Lie In It

  2. Chapter 2 - Alone On This Silent Beach, There is nothing we can do

  3. Chapter 3 - This Cherry Sunset Blossoms

  4. Chapter 4 - I've Been Taker From Your Arms

  5. Chapter 5 - All This Shame, All This Guilt, All This Regret, That's Me

  6. Chapter 6 - Can You Hear The Silence?

  7. Chapter 7 - Like A Deer In The Headlights, I Meet My Fate

  8. Chapter 8 - Your Eyes Are Swallowing Me

  9. Chapter 9 - You Leave A Bad Taste In My Mouth

  10. Chapter 10 - We'll Take This Feeling To Our Graves

  11. Chapter 11 - We Fall Like Roses

  12. Chapter 12 - This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For

  13. Chapter 13 - I Swear I Saw Your Eyes

  14. Chapter 14 - For Me, The Distance Is Decay

    Oliver Meets an old friend! :O

  15. Chapter 15 - Only A Shipwreck, Only A Ghost

  16. Chapter 16 - Another Desperation, Sink My Teeth Into Your Lonely Paradise

  17. Chapter 17 - I'll Be Tying A Rope To The Tree, Where Our Love Used To Be

  18. Chapter 18 - This Will Be Over My Dead Body

  19. Chapter 19 - Twist The Knife, It Won't Last Forever

  20. Chapter 20 - The Ink Scarred On Your Back May As Well Have Disapeered

  21. Chapter 21 - And When I'm Done, God Can Have His Way With Me

  22. Chapter 22 - For Every Second Sleep Has Stolen

  23. Chapter 23 - That Little Kiss You Stole, It Held My Heart And Soul

  24. Chapter 24 - Trailing Down The Shadow Of Cupped Hands

  25. Chapter 25 - I'm Knocking On Death's Door, But You're Already Dead

    Danny's POV!

  26. Chapter 26 - There's Nothing New In Dying Now

  27. Chapter 28 - I can't help you to see the light out of your despair

  28. Chapter 29 - I'm Okay, I'm Fine, It's All Just In My Mind

    3 Months Later...

  29. Chapter 30 - A Dawn I Thought We'd Never See

  30. Chapter 31 - If We Could Take It Back And See One Last Twilight

  31. Chapter 32 - I'll Load The Gun, You Place The Bets

    New character, but this chapter has a HUGE twist.

  32. Chapter 33 - Let's Ditch This City Before We Sober Up

  33. Chapter 34 - Don't Leave Me Alone In This Bed

  34. Chapter 35 - Like A Foggy Mirror

  35. Chapter 36 - Look In My Eyes, It's Killing Me

  36. Chapter 37 - Everything I Touch Turns To Stone

  37. Chapter 38 - What An Awful Mess I Have Made

  38. Chapter 39 - Blood Won't Confirm On These Curtains

  39. Chapter 40 - You've Got Me Right Where You Wanted Me

  40. Chapter 41 - I Don't Want To Loose You

  41. Chapter 42 - We'll Stand Where Life Once Stood

  42. Chapter 43 - Oh, If You Need Me, I'll Be Tying A Rope To The Tree Where Our Love Used To Be

  43. Chapter 44 - A Dedication To The End Of Everything

  44. Chapter 45 - As Subtle As A Shotgun, As Heavy As A Brick

  45. Chapter 46 - Sit In Circles And Stay Unspoken

  46. Chapter 47 - So Much For Living Forever


  47. Chapter 48 - I Have Turned And I Have Tossed

  48. Chapter 49 - Come A Little Closer, Tell Me Those Three Little Words

  49. Chapter 51 - The Sky, It Burns Itself Out

  50. Chapter 52 - Wash Away These Memories, Silent And Proud

    Danny's Secret!

  51. Chapter 53 - Holding On Nothing To Loose

  52. Chapter 54 - I Walked You Home, You Held My Hand

  53. Chapter 55 - I Feel Like Giving In

  54. Chapter 56 - A Dedication To The End Of Everything

  55. Chapter 56 - Lingered In The Splendor

  56. Chapter 58- Heart Attacks Waiting to happen

  57. 59 - Hold My Breath And Let It Bury Me

    2 Years On...

  58. Chapter 60 - They Sky Is Falling, The Sun Is Burning

  59. Chapter 61 - The Day You Lost Her, I Slowly Lost You Too

  60. Chapter 62 - Wolves At My Door

  61. Chapter 63 - I Feel Like I'm Chasing Rainbows

  62. Chapter 64- Feel Love Shadows Like A Stranger

  63. Chapter 65 - Believe In No One But Yourself

  64. Chapter 66 - The Loneliness Is Haunting Me

  65. Chapter 67 - No One Wants To Hear You

  66. Chapter 68 - Leave Flowers At Your Headstone

    Hanley's POV

  67. Chapter 69 - Tides Will Bring Me Back To You

  68. Chapter 70 - You Think You're Changing Anything?

  69. Chapter 71 - What's Dead Can Never Die

  70. Chapter 72 - I Walked You Home, You Held My Hand

  71. Chapter 73 - There Will Be Another Moment

  72. Chapter 74 - For Every Heart We Betrayed

  73. Chapter 75 - There's Nothing In The Air Tonight

  74. Chapter 76 - The Loneliness Is Haunting Me

  75. Chapter 77 - Save Me From Myself, Don't Let Me Drown

  76. Chapter 78 - I Thought I Buried You

  77. Chapter 79 - Over and over and over again, we play the same old game

  78. Chapter 80 - The ink scarred on your back may as well have disappeared

    Two Years Later

  79. Chapter 81 - Sold Out The Love She Had

  80. Chapter 82 - A Night To Remember, A Day To Forget

  81. Chapter 83 - I've Lost The Plot Again

  82. Chapter 84 - I Just Wanted The Lonely Inside Me To Leave

    Anthony's POV (recap)

  83. Chapter 85 - You Sat While The World Was At Your Feet

  84. Chapter 86 - I've Been Hiding In These Trenches For Far Too Long

  85. Chapter 87 - How Do You Say "Goodbye"?

  86. Chapter 88 - These Scars Won't Tear Us Apart

  87. Chapter 89 - You are the smell before Rain, You are the blood in my veins

  88. Chapter 90 - I Have Turned And I Have Tossed

  89. Chapter 91 - Take My Hand And Give Me A Reason To Start Again

  90. Chapter 92 - We Didn't Think Goodbye Would Be Our Favorite Line

  91. Chapter 93 - Our Words As Frail As Paper

  92. Chapter 94 - Your Voice Makes My Heart Skip Beats, So Keep Quiet Before

  93. Chapter 95 - There's Nothing In The Air Tonight

  94. Chapter 96 - I'd Kill For The Sun To Never Rise Again

  95. Chapter 97 - The Sirens And The Sergeants Didn't Seem To Mean A Thing

  96. Chapter 98 - Your Lips Are Turning Blue

  97. Chapter 99 - We Lived Fast And Died Pretty

  98. Chapter 100 - They Lick Their Lips, As The Shame Pours Out Of Me

    The proposal

  99. Chapter 101 - In The City That Never Sleeps

  100. Chapter 102 - Don't Change The Subject, Let's Go Chase The Sunset

  101. Chapter 103 - I Feel Like I Am Treading On Thin Ice

    Sorry I've been gone!

  102. Chapter 104 - The Square Doesn't Fit The Circle

  103. Chapter 105 - Got out alive but with scars I can't forget

  104. Chapter 106 - Lost in the abyss, drowned in the deep

  105. Chapter 107 - You're holding onto heaven but you're hanging by a thread


Quality read, I love this story so much, can you check out my new story please? I'd appreciate it and wanna collab

Anyone who is reading this, I'm actually the writer of this story, I just deleted my tumblr account that was linked to this a while ago. I wrote this years and years ago, and I think it's pretty poorly written at the start, so apologies lmao. But anyway, I made a new account, I'm older now so my writing has gotten better, I'm taking English as an A level too so everything is good. I'm in the process of writing something new, but I'm totally annoyed with the lack of views it's getting. It's got a kind of similar story involving drugs and pregnancy and stuff so check it out? <3 Its called "On The Vacant Canvas, We Should Be Waiting", and I've based some parts of the story ie. drugs and fights etc. on experiences that actually happened to me and my friends so it's quite a personal story, as I think it should be.

Thankyou so much, I've been really good lately, and I hope that you can be too, and I'm glad you're enjoying it :) You better stay awesome too, hun <3

I just want to let you know, I stated until 6:03 in the morning, reading the ever loving fuck out of this. This story is amazin . First of all, this story spans over years, not months or days like most storie . Second of all, I have a real connection with both Oli and Rain (which is one of the character names in my story, too!!!). I struggle with self harm, alcohol, and drug abuse, and this chapter really connected with me especially. Whatever you're going through, I've never met you, but I believe in you. I'm proud that you're five (or more) days sober, and you definitely better keep it up. You're a strong person, and it's really awesome that you're doing good and writing an amazing story while you're at. Stay beautiful my lovely creature!!

SparklyRainbows SparklyRainbows

I really felt the connection in this chapter with the Alcohol abuse. I really liked this update, a lot x

Gem_Jar93 Gem_Jar93