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Fantasy, page 2

Curtains Close; Take a bow. I think we fooled all of them now.
My childhood past

My childhood past

R Drama Fantasy Teen

Losing that friend of yours can never match to abother best friend nowadays.


Completed ✓
Times to Celebrate


NC-17 Fantasy Teen Crime

The one, or rather, two people I care for the most hate me. But that's okay. It'll be okay so long as I can keep them safe. Even if it means I'll be despised. It's worth it in the end.


- 1 Vote
Good Girl With A Bad Habit

Good Girl With A Bad Habit

NC-17 Drama Fantasy Teen

Alexandria Gates has always been at the center of attention. She's the class president, a straight A student and thrives in her clubs. But what happens when this squeaky clean teen gets a bit of danger mixed in her life by a unfamiliar pair of blue eyes?


10.0 61 Votes
That's The Spirit
Creatures Of The Night

Creatures Of The Night

NC-17 Drama Fantasy

A Kuza love story


10.0 6 Votes
We All Have Our Masks That We Wear

We All Have Our Masks That We Wear

NC-17 Romance Fantasy Teen

Oliver is a teacher that falls in love with a student. but that student goes around and sleeps with everyone, including him. should he just mess around with her and ignore his feelings, or should he dive in and tell her how he feels?


only what the eyes can see

only what the eyes can see

PG-13 Romance Adventure Fantasy

What do you see in another's eyes. I could bet you what Fay sees is a lot different.


10.0 10 Votes
Tainted White & Pure Black

Tainted White & Pure Black

NC-17 Action Fantasy War

Purity is so easily destroyed. Don't you think so? Just the simplest of mistakes and it's gone like it never even existed in the first place.


10.0 3 Votes