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For What It's Worth..

For What It's Worth..

R Romance Action Fantasy

When travelling the country, you're the last person I expected to meet.


10.0 27 Votes
The Last Snow: A Mother's Love

The Last Snow: A Mother's Love

NC-17 Romance Tragedy Thriller

4th and Final book to The Academy series


10.0 5 Votes
Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough

NC-17 Romance Comedy

Diamond and Ryan met when they were five years old and have been best friends ever since. Now, twenty-one years later, the two are still attached at the hip.


8.7 8 Votes
Take A Picture

Take A Picture

NC-17 Romance Drama Mystery

One of the only fanfictions to have a picture with every chapter


10.0 3 Votes
Love Amongst Destruction

Love Amongst Destruction

NC-17 Romance Action Thriller

Threequel to The Academy, 'Sequel' to The Cost of Freedom is High


Completed ✓
8.9 29 Votes
Wings of a Butterfly

Wings of a Butterfly

PG-13 Romance Adventure

Devyn Lindström moved to Scranton for a new life. Ricky Olson moved to Scranton for his band, Motionless in White. Will they maintain a friendship or will a romance blossom?


- 2 Votes
Something About You...

Something About You...

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen

Original Story, contains triggers


- 1 Vote
Stung and Employed By The Wasp

Stung and Employed By The Wasp

NC-17 Romance Mystery Thriller

Getting a job that’s quite easy, and pays very well was essential for Zoey and that’s exactly what she got when she became a supplier for the manor known as The Nest. However when she meets the head of the manor Christopher Cerulli, she has to question how much she really needs a job.


9.9 21 Votes
Sorry, Do I Know You?

Sorry, Do I Know You?

PG-13 Romance Drama Mystery

Oliver Sykes suffers amnesia after a fatal accident, it’s been 4 years, he assumes he remembers everything, but there’s just a little something he let slip away, well someone


10.0 7 Votes
This Town

This Town

NC-17 Romance Drama

Things never change in this old town.


10.0 4 Votes